It’s about to get crazy

So, I’m sitting on the NFL Network set placed smack dab in the middle of Jackson Square in what is, right now, a quiet, placid New Orleans.

That won’t be the case as the hours leading up to the kickoff of the 2010 season dwindle away. Seven months and two days ago, the Saints reached the promised land (as in the Lombardi Trophy podium) and touched off a celebration in this town that’s never been matched. Until perhaps tonight.

Here in Nawlins, schools were let out at noon. I have a strange sensation that there’s been a rash of blue flu in businesses all across this town. In essence, it’s gonna be quite the football hootenanny going down tonight.

Marshall Faulk and Deion Sanders just got to the set and we’re about to interview Brian Williams of NBC News in a minute. I know. I’m a name dropper. I can’t help it. I’m excited that the season is about to begin. But, I’m also telling you the face of NBC News is here because I’ve got to stop blogging and go do my day job now. I just took a picture of my view from the Jackson Square set, 4 1/2 hours from kickoff and 2 hours before the Dave Matthews/Taylor Swift concert here begins. There’s not a soul in the park now. But as I said, things are about to get crazy.

In a couple hours, I’ll take another picture and we’ll compare the quiet with the Who Dat Mardi Gras that’s going to be sparked tonight.

Calm before the storm

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