Awful early

Just got to work at an insane hour. In fact, it’s about the same time that I used to get HOME when I did the late night SportsCenter for so many years on ESPN. I’ve never done a morning show in my life and, quite honestly, I’m running on the excitement of the start of another NFL season. It’s quite the high-octane fuel to get you through a drive on a virtually empty freeway to work. But, once I got here, I received another kick of adrenaline: the sight of 25 or so of my fellow colleagues already hard at work. You see, we’re also debuting a new set today on Stage One of NFL Network. The crew, along with our incredibly talented engineering staff, are making sure every last bell and whistle is ready for NFL GameDay Morning, at 9AM ET. Or, out here in not-yet sunny Los Angeles, at the ripe hour of 6AM. Yes, there are lots of things dawning here today. A new set. A new season. Just not the sun. Yet. Where’s the coffee?

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