Can’t wait for Sunday

Last Sunday, the first week of NFL GameDay Morning was a huge success. Well, at least from where I’m sitting. And that seat is in the middle of quite the whirlwind. And by whirlwind, I mean, in the same room with Warren Sapp and Michael Irvin. The two guys from the “U” spent the whole day during final rehearsals last Saturday glued to the TV watching their Miami Hurricanes play Ohio State, ultimately unsuccessfully. (Not like my Michigan Wolverines in Notre Dame, I must add). Those two Canes are like two peas in a pod. Then you throw Steve Mariucci in that mix and you’ve run the gamut. But we all get along well. Take, for instance, this ritual that dates back to last season of NFL GameDay Morning, prior to my stint hosting the show. Apparently, every show on the astro-turf covered demo field, Mooch and Irvin get down as close to the ground as possible and each grab one side of a football. Warren stands over them and starts the competition, the rules of which is quite simple: the first to rip the football away from the other’s grip is the winner. Nothing on the line but pride, of course. Now, you’d think it would be game, set, match Michael Irvin. I mean, he has Hall of Fame hands, more like vices. When you shake hands with Michael, he squeezes so hard he could take your blood pressure. But if you think that means Mooch has no chance in this competition, you’d be wrong. The man has skills. Mad skills. And, believe it or not, he takes the ball from Irvin more often than not. Not this Sunday, though. In the first time I personally witnessed this insanity, The Playmaker made a play and won, literally bringing Mooch down. All to our great delight. You can get a wee bit slap happy late in a 4-hour show when you start it at six in the morning. Thanks to Brenna Webb, our cream of the public relations crop here at NFL Network, I’ve posted the photo of the photo finish. Stay tuned for more shenanigans this Sunday on NFL GameDay morning. Now, I’ve got to go do Total Access with Jamie Dukes and Rod Woodson. Now, I’d PAY to see a football wrestling competition between those too.


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