The Rich Eisen Podcast Ep 2: Michael Strahan and Aaron Rodgers

Another good time on the podcast front this week: Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers joins me along with former New York Giant sackmaster and current FOX analyst Michael Strahan.

Rodgers got quite introspective about his place in the game and the virtually untold story of how he got started on the road to football greatness. As for Strahan, we caught him in his usual gregarious mood, out and about, looking for a caffeine fix.

Episode Two also features a return of The Worm, who, again, is safe for children. NFL Network Senior Producer Jason Wormser, a.k.a. The Worm, along with NFL Network Coordinating Producer Mike Muriano talk about several hot topics in the league from which current AFC division leader has the best chance to stay in that spot by season’s end to what ails the Cowboys. The Worm brought his A-game today, toting a unique stat that he’s following that could prove useful while you watch games.

Here it is, folks. Podcast, Week Two style. Enjoy.

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Download: The Rich Eisen Podcast, Episode 2 – Aaron Rodgers and Michael Strahan

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