The Rich Eisen Podcast Ep 3: Drew Brees and Larry David

Big day for the podcast. Big. With just two previous shows in the books, we’re technically crawling. But today, we’re trying for a full on sprint.

First of all, we’re now sponsored. I know that might not be exciting for you, but for our guests it will be. Anyone appearing on the Rich Eisen Podcast from now on gets some free Papa John’s pizza because we’re now sponsored by, you guessed it, Papa John’s. Man, your inference skills are sharp.

At any rate, we’ve now got some Corporate America wind at our podcast sails. Should raise all boats. But, as I said, we’re up and running this week with some big time guests.

First up, Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees, who joined us coming off a loss Sunday AND a GQ photo shoot today. As we all know, good things come in threes. So for Brees, it’s the GQ photo shoot, an appearance on my podcast and thus free Papa John’s pizza. All good.

After Drew comes our Hot Topics segment with The Worm. From what I can tell by your comments on iTunes and on Twitter (where I can be followed on my blog page and @richeisen on Twitter itself) you’ve all been enthralled with The Worm, formerly known as NFL Network senior producer Jason Wormser. He’s extra bitter today because his Giants got dominated at home by the Titans and looked especially awful doing it.

His mood on Podcast Tape Day was nothing compared to Sunday, when he let loose some invective in front of one very impressionable guest of mine who watched games with us on the NFL Network set that day. It’s a very funny story you won’t want to miss. He also has more good stats and thoughts to pass along.

He’s joined by NFL Network senior bureau producer Drew Ohlmeyer, a big-time Jets fan who has lots of reasons to crow. The Worm, you see, also likes the Dolphins – something Drew gets all over him about.

But, the piece d’resistance, the cherry on top of the podcast, if you will, is Larry David. The creator of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” the funniest show on TV, is on the podcast, talking about his beloved Jets and how he watches games. He also chimes in on “Seinfeld,” another of his creations and perhaps the funniest show of ALL TIME. And, yes, he gets free pizza too. Too much pizza and you’ll need stairlifts, though.

It’s all not to be missed. Download, stream, enjoy.

Download: The Rich Eisen Podcast Episode 3: Uncurbed Enthusiasm


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