The Rich Eisen Podcast, Episode 4: LaDainian Tomlinson and Dennis Miller

Alright, people. Podcast No. 4 is up and, if I may be so bold, it’s timely.

Fresh off his 133-yard, two touchdown punking of the Bills and everyone else who thought he had a fork stuck in him, LaDainian Tomlinson joins the program.

He was his usual humble self, but you know he’s feeling real good about himself right now. I ask him about how he views his departure from the Chargers now that he’s 7 months and four regular season games removed from it. He also lets us in on his free-agent meeting with the Vikings — this week’s opponent, by the way — as well as who he thinks is the most dynamic young runner in the league. His answer may surprise you, and I’m not just saying that as a tease to get you to listen. OK. Maybe I am just a little bit.

Jason Wormser A.K.A. The Worm, Rich Eisen, and "The League" executive producer Jeff Schaffer.

After LT, The Worm makes his weekly appearance on the podcast, feeling a lot better about his G-Men after their beat down of Jay Cutler and the Bears. Normally, I have a fellow NFL Network producer/cast member join Jason Wormser, a.k.a. The Worm, in our Hot Topics segment, but this week I make an exception.

Joining The Worm is the executive producer of the fantasy-football based FX program, The League.” His name is Jeff Schaffer and he also just happens to be an executive producer, writer and director of “Curb Your Enthusiasm and, if that’s not enough, an executive producer and writer of “Seinfeld.”

So, we mine those fields of hilarity for a second straight week on the podcast, especially since Jeff and his writing partner were the ones who brought you “The Calzone” episode of “Seinfeld” from back in the day. He also wanted to take to the mic to rebut something Larry David said on the podcast last week. The Worm got along well with Jeff because, like The Worm, Jeff roots for two teams in the NFL, but may just be the only one who roots for these two teams, too. Listen up for that.

The podcast wraps up with Dennis Miller, one of the most hardcore football fans I’ve ever met. In his nine years hosting “Dennis Miller Live on HBO and three years hosting his own radio show, he usually does the interviewing. But, here, he appears in the rare role of interviewee. Since his mind is a pop culture Rolodex, we hit the spectrum of topics with the one time “Monday Night Football analyst including the Steelers, “Goodfellas,” Aaron Rodgers, Betty Grable, Braylon Edwards’ former beard, Peter O’Toole, Christo and the best Al Michaels story I’ve ever heard.

So, download and listen at your leisure. All feedback is greatly appreciated.

Download: The Rich Eisen Podcast, Episode 4: LaDainian Tomlinson and Dennis Miller


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