The Rich Eisen Podcast: Moss-a-palooza Special

It seems each week we’re breaking new ground on the podcast. One week we have a sponsor. Next week, we hit the top spot on iTunes for the most popular sports podcast in all of Appledom.

Now, we’ve got our first two-a-week.

You see, we tape the podcast each week on a Tuesday, figuring it’s the day after the Monday Night game, the day when all the dust settles on an NFL week. Plus, it’s the one universal off-day for players in the NFL. It’s easiest to get a player like Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers or this week’s guest, LaDainian Tomlinson, to find 20 spare minutes and pick up the phone to chat.

But it’s also early in the NFL week that’s playing out; big-time NFL news can always break on a Wednesday. That’s the risk we run by taping the podcast on a Tuesday.

Well, this week, a doozy of a trade went down in the NFL — the Patriots suddenly cutting ties with Randy Moss, right in the midst of the season and sending him to, of all teams, the Minnesota Vikings and to, of all quarterbacks, Brett Favre on, of all weeks, the week in which they visit the New York Jets in the New Meadowlands where we could see the return, of all players, the man who once called Moss a “slouch” — Darrelle Revis. Yes, I know that was a run on sentence, but it’s a run-on sentence-type of transaction and set of circumstances, yes?

So, we got the whole podcast gang together and fired up the mics to discuss the Moss trade. The best of what Bill Belichick, Moss and Favre had to say on Thursday can be found on this podcast. NFL Network information man Jason La Canfora gives us the why and what of the shocking deal and answers the question on the lips of every New Englander concerned over the lack of a deep threat – could the Patriots now make a play for Vincent Jackson?

And we analyze the impact this deal will have on both the offenses in Minnesota and New England with former veteran quarterback Trent Green and Hall of Fame cornerback Rod Woodson.

It’s not as long as my usual shows, so we will call it … mini-podcast. But it still packs a wallop. See you next Tuesday with another regular version of the show, perhaps the first of two again. One never knows what might happen …

Download: The Rich Eisen Podcast: Moss-a-palooza Special


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