Podcast Preview: The Mullet Cubed

Really looking forward to bringing you the latest podcast with guests Jared Allen of the Minnesota Vikings and Ice Cube of Raider Nation.

There will be lots to talk about with the pass rusher extraordinaire of Minnesota, or, as Deion calls him, the Rhinestone Cowboy. Jared’s got a big game against the Jets on Monday Night and he’ll call us fresh off that game with, to say the least, lots going on in that world. He’s also got a book that he wants you all to know about called “The Quarterback Killer’s Cookbook.” If you have a hankering for wild boar ragu, then this book is for you. Needless to say, it’ll be a fun conversation.

And then Ice Cube, the godfather of the Friday trilogy, will join us fresh off his beloved Raiders ending a 13-game losing streak to the Chargers. He will no doubt crow ’til the cows come home.

In fact, he’s so excited about it all that he will join us IN STUDIO. We’ll try to keep him separate from The Worm, although he’s in a pretty good mood too, what with his G-Men now officially back from the dead with one of the more impressive wins of Week 5 in Houston.

It’ll all be up on iTunes and posted here Tuesday. Good times.

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