The Rich Eisen Podcast, Ep. 5: Ice Cube and Jared Allen

Ice Cube joined me in the NFL Network Studio on Tuesday. (Ben Liebenberg/NFL)

We’re only five weeks in to this podcast project now and, in terms of putting together a diverse guest list, I may have set the bar as high as it can ever go.

First up, we have Minnesota pass rusher extraordinaire Jared Allen, straight from the “Monday Night Football” gridiron. And when I say straight from there, I’m almost being literal. With the Vikings-Jets game delayed 45 minutes by lightning, the final contest of Week 5 didn’t finish up until deep into the first Tuesday of Week 6. So, Allen didn’t walk back in his front door until 5:30 a.m. Minnesota time.

Mere hours later, he was on the phone with your humble podcaster talking about the disappointing loss and, begrudgingly at times (as it seemed to me), talking about Brett Favre and his mental status as the Vikings enter the second-quarter of the 2010 schedule at 1-3.

This weekend, Allen and his mates host the equally desperate 1-3 Cowboys. We talk about that matchup a bit before moving on to Allen’s new role as author. Yes, the Rhinestone Cowboy has written a book about his love of hunting and then eating what he hunts. It’s called “The Quarterback Killer’s Cookbook” and we have fun talking about his palate, which is far different from mine. We also wound up talking movies and you will never guess which movie Allen admits to making him cry.

Once we send Jared back to his duck blind for the day, that’s when The Worm takes his usual spot, talking about the hot topics around the league after five weeks. NFL Network senior producer Bardia Shah-Rais joins The Worm, and it’s the perfect pairing for the segment this week, what with his beloved 49ers at 0-5 and flat-out on the brink of a quarterback change, 2010 extinction and perhaps a coaching change the organization does not want to make.

Plus, Bardia does a killer Charley Casserly impersonation. In fact, it’s the only Casserly impersonation I know of. And with Charley in the news because of his Randy Moss/Tom Brady facial hair/Bieber hair argument story, we get the take on these topics and more from Bardia and The Worm.

Then, one final time, we completely change gears and welcome Ice Cube into the studio. The rap impresario and Godfather of the Friday trilogy came in proudly displayed his Raiders colors, fresh off his team’s shocking come from behind win over the Chargers to end a 13-game hex against their hated downstate division rivals. So, we let him crow a little bit about his 2-3 Raiders before we hit him up about the movie Friday and how it came to be a cult classic that’s just as fresh now as when it first hit the theaters 15, yes, 15 years ago.

It’s all good in the ‘hood. Enjoy the podcast and, as always, send in your feedback.

Download: The Rich Eisen Podcast, Episode 5: Ice Cube, Jared Allen, and more


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