Rich Eisen Podcast, Ep 6: Gruden, Dennis, NFL brass and Worm gets his Pizza

Getting ready for another edition of the podcast, and the docket is quite packed.

Ray Anderson, the league’s vice-president of football operations, will join us since his announcement that suspensions could be forthcoming for perpetrators of helmet-to-helmet hits has created quite an uproar in the football community. We’ll have a lively discussion with Ray about the genesis for the announcement and concerns of fans that this might remove yet more physical play out of the league.

Then, we’ll go from hard hits to hard nose: none other than Jon Gruden will make his podcast debut. The Super Bowl-winning head coach turned one of the top analysts in the business is fresh off the Titans’ destruction of the Jaguars on ESPN’s Monday Night Football and, as always, Grudes makes for an entertaining chat.

We’ll go from a current Monday Night Football analyst to Gruden’s predecessor twice removed: Dennis Miller becomes the first repeat guest of the podcast as he returns to give us his unique take on the league after six weeks of play. Maybe we’ll hit him up on some good Dana Carvey stories from back in the Saturday Night Live days, too.

With three guests, that gives us one more than usual. And our plate is full in more ways than one. Papa John’s will be delivering pizza to the set, quieting the grumbling stomach of the Worm, who’s been clamoring for free pizza since we got sponsored by Papa John’s three weeks ago.

So, log in and tune in. Will be available here and on iTunes later on today.

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