The Rich Eisen Podcast, Episode 7: Pete Carroll and James Caan

Pete Carroll and The Podcast conduct the very first (and probably last) off-camera Team Cam interview in NFL Network history

It’s been seven weeks since the birth of this podcast and I figured it was time to give the NFC West some love. Just because it was supposed to be the 49ers’ division for the taking and all they’ve done is essentially stuck a fork in themselves doesn’t mean we should neglect the perceived pariah of all NFL divisions. We may just have something cooking in the Pacific Northwest again and to that end we fired up Seahawks Cam for Pete Carroll. Literally.

Normally, that’s the lexicon (and also the conduit of interviewing) for “NFL Total Access,” but we truly used our Team Cam technology to interview the head coach of the Seahawks. You see, 25 minutes before we were supposed to have Pete call in to our podcast studios, the NFL Network phone systems went down. Kaput. Kablooey. So, Pete was kind enough to head to the nearest plug-in for Seahawks Cam (which was in a hallway downstairs from his office) and give us a nice chunk of his time away from preparing for the Raiders this week. We talked about his coaching philosophy, what he’s changed in his approach since his last foray in the NFL, his ever-changing roster and, yes, USC and his departure from there.

After Pete, we dialed up a true Los Angeles legend in every sense of the word: James Caan, the man who brought Brian Piccolo to life on the silver screen in Brian’s Song and died one of the more famous deaths in cinematic history in “The Godfather.” We talk about both at length, including Caan’s favorite scene from the movie, one that no one has apparently ever seen. A big-time football fan from his childhood days in Queens, Caan also reminisces about his time hanging with the old Oakland Raiders and spins yarns that only a man who trawled 1970s Hollywood in the glow of portraying Santino Corleone could.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have The Worm. NFL Network senior producer Jason Wormser returns to his usual spot in the podcast, railing about poor clock management and sweating out the travails of his now 5-2 New York Giants. Joining Worm in the Hot Topics segment is NFL Network reporter and host Kara Henderson, fresh back from her double-dip Week 7 assignments: Redskins-Bears on Sunday and Giants-Cowboys on Monday night.

Kara gives us an inside glimpse into the Cowboys locker room after suffering what all observers believe is a season-sealing, clavicle-breaking loss to the Giants. After the game, Kara ran the gamut, interviewing Jerry Jones and running into the namesake of our dear, beloved sponsor.

And for all you Brits out there, The Worm sets the table for the annual game in Wembley this weekend with a surprise report from across the pond. It’s a performance of which even Caan would be envious. Well, maybe not.

Don’t miss any of this podcast. It’s an offer you truly can’t refuse.

Download: The Rich Eisen Podcast, Episode 7: Pete Carroll and James Caan


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