Reunited: Warner and Green team up for late-week podcast

It’s another late week edition of the podcast, but the very first I didn’t label as “special.” And that’s a direct result of so many of you tweaking me for doing something so regularly and calling it “special.” To be honest, when this podcast started in Week 1 of the season, I didn’t intend to do it twice a week. But when the trade of Randy Moss went down after my Tuesday’s podcast was put in “the can” as they say out here in Los Angeles, I had to tape another podcast because I couldn’t have a podcast week go by without discussing such a major story. And then each week, something major would happen, causing me to conduct late-week podcasts one after another until it started becoming, you know, regular.

At any rate, this late-week podcasting will soon cease since I’m soon to go on the road for NFL Network’s Thursday Night Football, so I figured to keep doing it while I can. This week, I flipped on the mics for two old friends brought together at the crossroads of NFL history by Rodney Harrison back in the 1999 preseason: Trent Green and Kurt Warner. When Harrison blew up Green’s knee in the summer of ’99, it kick-started Warner’s Disney-like magic carpet ride career that should one day land in Canton. The two talk about that moment at length and reminisce about how that championship season came to be as a whole.

It was a natural lead-in to how their old offensive coordinator is faring in Chicago right now. Their insights into the Mike Martz offense in Chicago and how it’s struggling under Jay Cutler is a must listen for Bears fans. I also ask the quarterback tandem if they think Brett Favre will play this week and which current quarterback they would choose if they needed to win one game right now. Warner and Green reunited on the podcast. And it feels so good. By the way, I think Green would be Peaches and Warner, Herb.

Download: Rich Eisen Podcast: Late Week Reunion Edition with Kurt Warner and Trent Green


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