The Rich Eisen Podcast: Will Ferrell, Hines Ward, and Randy Moss’ favorite caterer

Well, another week for the podcast and another first. Actually, it’s the first for my entire career: an interview with a caterer.

No, Will Ferrell is not playing a caterer in his new movie. He’s actually the title character in “Megamind,” which opens in a theater near you on Nov. 5th. The caterer to whom I refer is Minnesota native Gus Tinucci, who had the extreme displeasure of being on the business end of an angry Randy Moss. The second shocking cutting of ties between Moss and a would-be playoff contender in the last 26 days was strange enough. But on Tuesday, the story took a bizarre twist.

Apparently, Moss was the author of an incredibly uncomfortable moment during lunch in the Vikings locker room last Friday when he, without provocation, went off on an expletive-laden review of the food being served. And, according to Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports, this incident played a role in Brad Childress waiving Moss. It’s an odd wrinkle to say the least.

So, we called up Silver to explain where this story came from and if Childress would really put his neck on the line by sending Moss packing over a vulgar display of lunchroom decorum. We also shed a bit of psychoanalysis on the situation, because Mike and I both agree that Moss could be one of the most gracious and warm people you’ve ever met … when he wants to be.

Then we chat with Gus of Tinucci’s Restaurant and Catering, the source of said lunch for the Vikings. Yes, The Rich Eisen Podcast is part of this man’s 15 minutes of fame. I’m telling you, this podcast is going places.

It’s after all this that we finally get to our first scheduled guest: Hines Ward, one of the ultimate this-guy-can-play-on-my-team-type of guys of all time. We delve into the Steelers’ loss to the Saints and whether the current defense reminds Hines of the championship defenses of 2005 and 2008. I ask Ward about his hard-hitting colleague James Harrison and also touch upon any possible desire Hines may have to enter the media when it’s all said and done.

One last unscheduled guest -- the Vince Lombardi Trophy -- with Rich Eisen, Bardia Shah-Rais, and The Worm, whose pate also requires the white-glove treament. (Ben Liebenberg/NFL)

That’s when we call The Worm into the mix. The NFL Network senior producer and NFL fandom’s favorite kvetch takes his regular spot in the Hot Topics segment along with NFL Network senior producer Bardia Shah-Rais, making his third appearance on the podcast. We hit the Moss imbroglio and the stunning benching of Donovan McNabb. I also issue a demand in regards to the Network’s coverage of the Dallas Cowboys in the immediate future that might ruffle a feather or two up the NFLN flowchart.

Please listen for that and offer your thoughts on whether you agree with me.

As for the cherry on top of this action-packed podcast, we turn to Ferrell. He provides the show with the expected healthy doses of humor, good cheer and, of course, cowbell. I delve in-depth into the making of the movie “Anchorman” and also the brilliant cowbell sketch he wrote and acted in for “Saturday Night Live.” We also reminisce about the first time we met at the 1998 ESPY Awards after a Harry Caray performance that, at the time, appeared to be his very last on ESPN. Ever.

In other words, with all this stuff going on in the NFL, you’ve got a fever and the only prescription is more podcast.

Download: The Rich Eisen Podcast: Will Ferrell, Hines Ward, and Randy Moss’ favorite caterer


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