Moss-a-Palooza 2: Cardiovascular Endurance Edition

Talk about a motherlode of reasons to conduct a late-week podcast: the sudden waiving of Randy Moss by the Vikings and the mind-boggling late-game benching of Donovan McNabb by the Jack LaLannes of the NFL, Mike and Kyle Shanahan.

Where in the world did these decisions come from?

In terms of Moss, did Brad Childress really make the move without telling his bosses first? And if so, what does the move mean for the future of the head coach in Minnesota?

As for McNabb, does the benching virtually ensure, just eight games into his once-heralded arrival in D.C., the end of his tenure as the Redskins’ quarterback?

And should the Tennessee Titans request a list of pre-approved lunch menus from Moss?

To brush away all the spin and speculation, I dialed up two of the best NFL insiders in the information game today: Jay Glazer of Fox Sports and NFL Network and Michael Lombardi, the NFL Network and NFL.com reporter who first broke the news that Childress had informed his team that Moss was no longer a part of it.

The conversation that followed is a must-listen to say the least. It gets to the bottom of a whole heck of a lot. I can only hope you all have the cardiovascular endurance to last the entire podcast.

Download: Moss-A-Palooza 2: Cardiovascular Endurance Edition


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