Never say never. Ever. Never ever.

The most bizarre 15-day period in the NFL in 2010 just ended in D.C. with the most improbable ending to the McNabb/Shanahan Family Benchgate: a long-term deal.

Fifteen days ago, when Donovan McNabb got benched in Detroit and started the biggest furor in the nation’s capital this side of the mid-term elections, who would have thought that it would come to a head, 15 days later, with a new, long-term contract for McNabb to stay in Washington? Absolutely nobody. Not a soul. Perhaps not even McNabb nor his agent. Or Dan Snyder. Or Mike Shanahan.

That’s why you never say never in the NFL. Ever. We’ll discuss this further Tuesday on the Rich Eisen Podcast, with featured guests Maurice Jones-Drew, Billy Bob Thornton, Dennis Miller, “The League” executive producer Jeff Schaffer and, yes, The Worm.

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