Rich Eisen Podcast: Maurice Jones-Drew and Billy Bob Thornton

Just by the guest list, I think you guessed the theme: Three names. If you don’t have three names, don’t come a-callin’ on The Rich Eisen Podcast this week.

Fresh off the Jaguars’ stunning, last-second, Hail-Mary-answered-prayer of a win over the Houston Texans, Maurice Jones-Drew joined us. We had our usual fun time (I’ve interviewed him perhaps more than any player since the inception of NFL Network seven years ago), and like any good interview, it has the potential to leave you with something lasting: a Week 11 touchdown celebration dance just for the podcast listeners. Alright, it would be for me. But, around these parts, my world is your world. That’s just the type of guy I am.

Promoting his film “Faster” that comes out a week from Friday, Billy Bob Thornton joined us fresh off his beloved Indianapolis Colts’ rebound victory against the Bengals. Even though he’s all Arkansan, Billy Bob loves his Colts. In fact, he’s a huge, big-time sports fan with special affection for the NFL. He basically is an analyst who happens to also have an Academy Award.

But, of course, the discussion of all Hot Topics is the domain of The Worm, a.k.a. NFL Network senior producer Jason Wormser, whose G-Men surprisingly fell flat against the suddenly resurgent Cowboys. For the two-part segment, The Worm and I welcomed back Jeff Schaffer to the program. Jeff is the executive producer of “The League,” the FX fantasy football-based sitcom now in its second successful season. We have loads to talk about, what with Vick/McNabb, Patriots/Steelers and another big-time Gus Johnson call on the top of the docket. Plus, Jeff’s Seahawks took over first place in the NFC West again. He makes a great prediction about the playoffs that I believe is six weeks ahead of its time.

Enjoy the podcast everyone. And, as always, let me know your thoughts.

Download: The Rich Eisen Podcast: Maurice Jones-Drew and Billy Bob Thornton


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