Thursday Night Football, Take 2

Chilling in the hotel about 90 minutes before heading over to Dolphins Stadium or Sun Life Stadium or the House That Tyler Thigpen Built or whatever they’re calling it these days … and can’t help but think about how fast this season is going by.

It’s unfolding way too fast. 10 weeks done, 7 more to go in this regular season which, to this point, hasn’t given us a single hint of what might be around the corner. I mean, at this juncture last year, both the Colts AND Saints were undefeated, giving us all a sense of who might be in the Super Bowl by season’s end. And, in the end, those were the two teams who battled it out in the same stadium where Week 11 kicks off tonight on NFLN  (Joe Robbie, Pro Player, Ray “Laces Out” Finkle Stadium … you get the drift).

This year, we have no earthly idea who might win week to week, let alone who might make a long playoff run come January. Steelers look strong? Patriots smoke ’em, one week after they look awful in Cleveland. Giants are the team to beat in the NFC? They looked like the 1-7 team against the Cowboys, not the other way around. Philly is now the team to beat? Look who they play Sunday night: the Giants.

It is ALL up for grabs in the NFL right now and no matter what you think of both the Bears and Dolphins, they’re flat-out in the thick of things going into tonight. Having the Bears finally click in on offense and go on a run for the ages … far-fetched? Thigpen making the most of the opportunity and leading the Dolphins to the playoffs … far-fetched? Maybe. But not this year. Anything’s possible.

Now, if we could just slow the season down. Will post pics of the journey on another fun Thursday on NFLN throughout the day. For the moment, peace out. Booyah.

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