Rich Eisen Podcast: Peter King and Joe Buck

For those seeking a bit of intense drama in their football, you have much for which to be thankful right about now. From the termination of Brad Childress to the excommunication of Vince Young, there is a whole boatload to talk about.

Especially with just six weeks to go and, for the first time ever with just six weeks to go, 19 teams sit either in first place or within one game of it. And with all of THAT going on at once, we have a perfect podcast guest list: Peter King of NBC and SI.com and Joe Buck of FOX.

No one is more plugged in than Peter, and no one brings you the action with a better blend of personality and excitement than Joe, who called Childress’ last game in Minnesota and will call his third Super Bowl in February. We ran the gamut with both of those guys and then checked in with The Worm to see if he’s still breathing after his G-Men dropped their second straight November game. NFL Network senior producer Jason Wormser is solo in the Hot Topics segment this week because most of the crew is with me in New York City for the Thursday Night Game between the Jets and Bengals.

So, I taped the podcast from the NFL Network team cam room in league headquarters in NYC, as you can see in the photo (that’s the team cam in the foreground to the right.) In between Peter and Joe’s take, The Worm lends his thoughts as to which teams are done in 2010 or still have a chance at glory.

Yes, it IS that time of year. Happy Thanksgiving from the Rich Eisen Podcast.

Download: Rich Eisen Podcast: Peter King and Joe Buck


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