Week 14 Podcast: Clay Matthews, Mike Florio and Larry King

Rich Eisen with Jake Robinson and Antonio Stefan.

This latest show proves The Rich Eisen Podcast is a podcast for all ages.

Take, for instance, our first guest: Clay Matthews III, a youth who has been serving up healthy doses of pain on quarterbacks ever since the Packers plucked him out of USC last year. Clearly, Matthews has lots going for him, especially since — as Tom Brady has proven — merely by appearing on this podcast makes you a 42-point winner the following week. We talk about everything with the bona fide Defensive Player of the Year candidate from the Packers playoff chances, his family lineage and Aaron Rodgers’ insane level of play to his hair, the leg injury that appears to have slowed him and, yes, the one summer he was an NFL Network intern.

Good times, except for the moment I suggested his leg injury has slowed him. At that moment, I felt like a quarterback whose protection didn’t account for him.

Next up, in our Hot Topics segment, we had to get creative: The Worm, you see, is on a bye week. So, we first turn to Mike Florio, the one-time lawyer turned self-made NFL information man thanks to his creation of Profootballtalk.com, one of the most successful and popular sports startups on the Internet. We talk about how he got started before we get started on the hot issues in the league today: Josh McDaniels, Albert Haynesworth, Ed Hochuli‘s latest whiff on a Jay Cutler-related call, the latest player safety drama and the drama that led to the first 10-win teams in the NFL.

Then, we welcome in two information men-in-training. Yes, we get the thoughts of 9-year-old Jake Robinson and 10-year-old Antonio Stefan, two mouths of babes from which the most cogent football analysis you’ll ever hear comes forth. In other words, with The Worm out of the mix, we supplant one grown man who acts like a child with two actual children who know almost as much football.

Lastly, we go to the very opposite end of the career spectrum by calling up Larry King. Larry joins us nine days away from the final edition of “Larry King Live,” ending one of the most legendary runs in television history. Of course, we don’t have enough time to jam in all the memories from that 25-year run, and I wish we did. Certainly because we spoke a lot about how he got started as a sportscaster.

Bottom line: the chat I had with Larry was one of the most enjoyable I’ve ever had. And I hope we can continue it on another show.

In the meantime, enjoy this one. Podcast … Hello! You’re on the air!

Download: Rich Eisen Podcast: Clay Matthews, Mike Florio and Larry King


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