Wheels up for Arizona


With the kickoff to Week 16 in the books in Pittsburgh it’s on to the next destination — Phoenix, Ariz., for our Christmas Night special between the Cowboys and Cardinals, game No. 2 in this all-important penultimate week to the 2010 regular season. With possible snow hitting Western PA, the network figured it best to get the whole crew off to the desert as soon as possible, so we are currently on a Delta charter with the fan-unfriendly departure time of 3 a.m. Pittsburgh time.

I grabbed a window seat, a more geographically sound spot to get some shuteye. Although my seat mate — Joey T. — is working and prepping for the Saturday game already. I’ve been told I have no shot at getting any sleep next to him, but Thiesmann just gave me some eye blinds (suede, no less!) so the light beaming on his study time won’t bother me. Good man! Snapped a pic from seat 2D, with Marshall Faulk and Kara Henderson in the background looking like Keebler elves, ready for takeoff.

More to come on this two-games-in-three-days-in-two-time-zones adventure.

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