The Rich Eisen Podcast: Reggie Wayne, Chris Long, Jeff Garlin and Jon Hamm

Four guests in one podcast? You bet. It’s just that time of year.

Only one more week remains in the regular season, so we had not one but two NFL players getting ready for Week 17 de facto playoff games phone in.

Indy’s perennial Pro Bowl wide receiver Reggie Wayne joins us first, fresh off an exhilarating road win in Oakland thanks to Peyton Manning’s … feet. In the midst of preparing for a virtual do-or-die home contest with the Tennessee Titans, Reggie and I discuss the injury marred, roller coaster season the Colts have endured and appear to be one winnable home game away from overcoming to make the playoffs yet again.

The Colts have made the postseason every single campaign since Reggie’s rookie year – the Jim Mora “playoffs?!” season that we briefly touch upon. I ask Reggie about his future with the Colts – the only pro team he’s ever known – and his answer is interesting to say the least.

And then, yes, we get his side of the famous “Law dead” pet snake story about which Ed Reed had us rolling with laughter two podcasts ago.

Rams defensive lineman Chris Long also dialed us up to talk about the playoff game he’s essentially going to play in the last game of the regular season – Rams at Seahawks for all the NFC West marbles. If the Rams win, they will host the No. 5 seed in the first week of the playoffs, and we gauge the Rams’ readiness by talking with Chris.

In between those two segments, we welcome in The Worm, NFL Network senior producer Jason Wormser, whose beloved Giants fell flat in Green Bay and are flat-out on life support. His take on the G-Men’s stunning and precipitous fall from grace and on their immediate future is shocking, but not even close to as shocking as the personal and professional news he breaks on the program.

We’ve been hinting at The Worm’s big announcement on the last two podcasts and, on this show, he finally takes the news public. I must say, people: it’s a little hard to take. In order to help soften the blow, we called in one of the funniest men on TV to join The Worm — Jeff Garlin of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” in person and in the flesh. Garlin is a monstrous Bears fan and he assesses his favorite team’s chances to win it all.

Needless to say, the “Hot Topics” portion of the podcast, broken up into two parts around the Long interview, is a quality listen.

Then last, but certainly not least, one of the hottest actors in entertainment joins us. And I’m not just saying that because the ladies in our makeup department swooned when I told them who was on the podcast today. And he was CALLING IN.

With his masterful portrayal of the brooding, calculating and, ultimately, confused and wayward Don Draper on the Emmy Award-winning drama “Mad Men,” Jon Hamm has hit the big time. He’s been nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Actor for the fourth time (he won in 2008) and he’ll be sure to get his fourth Emmy nomination for his performance later this year.

But long before he earned his due, Jon was a St. Louis kid who had his heart broken by the Cardinals when they moved out of town to the desert. We talk about which team – or teams – he roots for now, his fantasy teams (plural) and also who he thinks will win it all this year. Of course, I hit him up on the next season of “Mad Men” and who he thinks Draper – deep down — really is. It’s one of my favorite shows so I couldn’t let Hamm hang up without delving into “Mad Men.”

I hope you delve into this podcast with equal amounts of zeal. Enjoy.

Download: Rich Eisen Podcast: Reggie Wayne, Chris Long, Jeff Garlin and Jon Hamm


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