Postpartum Podcast: Greg Jennings, Troy Aikman & Matthew Perry

That’s it, folks. Super Bowl over. Season over. And for who knows how long? What a bummer.

Hopefully, this podcast can be the wings beneath everybody’s wings.

For someone who talks football every single day of every single year, nothing is more exciting than the playing season. And nothing serves as more of a downer than the end of the playing season. It’s not that I get melancholy as the confetti drops to the field at the end of the Super Bowl. It usually happens a day or two later. Certainly, it sets in by the time the next weekend arrives and there’s no, you know, football.

Throw in labor uncertainly and you’ve got a whopper of a depression.

So, let’s live in the here and now as long as we can and revel in the exciting culmination of the most-watched and most exhilarating NFL season we’ve ever witnessed. Therefore, we phoned the receiver to whom Packers dialed-in quarterback Aaron Rodgers dialed up for touchdowns not once, but twice in Super Bowl XLV: Greg Jennings.

We caught the Pro Bowl receiver mere hours before the Packers celebrated the return of the Lombardi Trophy with their owner-fans in Lambeau Field. Greg gave us some quality first-hand knowledge of some of the more dramatic moments of Green Bay’s victory: his fourth-quarter, third-down catch that kept Green Bay’s last points-scoring drive alive, Charles Woodson’s halftime speech after he and the team learned his collarbone was broken and, lastly, watching Pittsburgh’s nerve-racking final drive from the sideline. Plus, Jennings revealed a part of his football journey that put this die-hard Wolverine in an awkward position.

After that, half of the Fox broadcast team that called the action of the most-watched televised event in American history joined us: Troy Aikman. The three-time Super Bowl winning quarterback gave us his perspective on the game and of Green Bay’s chances of repeating. Of course, we had to hit up the Hall of Fame Cowboy and longtime Dallas resident on all the issues the good folks of North Texas encountered hosting the Big Game. His answers were quite candid, to say the least.

To that end, an incredible amount of news was generated by Super Bowl week in North Texas. To help us sift through it all I arranged for a reunion of — from what I can tell by listener comments over the past four months — the two most popular guests of the Hot Topics segment: NFL Network reporter Kara Henderson and (now former) NFL Network senior producer Jason Wormser, aka The Worm. It was just four short weeks ago that The Worm left NFL Network to help re-shape the Fox Soccer Channel, but it feels like four years. Despite an absurdly hectic schedule, I called The Worm over the weekend and told him that the sheer magnitude of the situation required him to not only be part of The Postpartum Podcast, but appear on it IN PERSON. He agreed. What ensued was, well, worth the trip.

Finally, we got Matthew Perry on the phone. He’s debuting a new sports-based comedy called “Mr. Sunshine” that hits the ABC airwaves this and all following Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m. ET. Matthew’s been a busy bee, considering he is the creator, executive producer, writer and star of “Mr. Sunshine.” But Perry, like 162 million other Americans, carved out some time to watch Super Bowl XLV. So, we asked Matthew his thoughts on the Big Game. With him being a huge Patriots fan, I think you can guess which way his rooting interests were leaning.

One last note to pass along before you download this podcast. It will NOT be the last one before next playing season, whenever that may commence. I plan on doing this podcast as regularly as possible during the offseason. But as you’ll hear in this download, I do have some other things going on. But when I don’t, the show will go on.

Or, in other words, like Perry was once upon a time: I’ll be there for you.

Download: Postpartum Podcast: Greg Jennings, Troy Aikman & Matthew Perry


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