99.9 percent CBA-Free Podcast: Blaine Gabbert, Charles Davis, Michael Lombardi and Nick Bakay

In the several months this podcast has been up and running, I feel that I’ve gotten a feel for what you, my loyal listeners – and perhaps new listeners – want to hear. So, conversely, that means I also should know what you DON’T want to hear. And, in today’s NFL world, that subject, far and away, is a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. Or lack thereof. And who’s mediating for a new one or not mediating or auditing or not auditing.

So, I put together a podcast that is 99.9 percent CBA-free.

 In fact, of the four guests participating in this week’s podcast, the one who mentioned the CBA was the only one I figured who wouldn’t: Blaine Gabbert. Indeed, the top quarterback on most experts’ 2011 draft boards joined the podcast and dropped the letters C-B-and-A when the subject of his impending March 17 Pro Day came up. Apparently, the lack of a CBA prevents Gabbert from having certain people to throw to at Missouri’s pro day next Thursday.

At any rate, it was a great pleasure to put together an entire show about the Combine – including my 40-yard dash and how Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett, in his running clothes, is only 0.7 seconds faster than me in a Prada suit – as well as the 2011 NFL Draft, which WILL happen regardless of the outcome of the mediation proceedings going down (and hopefully not down the tubes) in our nation’s capital.

I really enjoyed getting to meet Gabbert over the phone and the in-studio conversation I had with NFL Network talent evaluation mavens Charles Davis and Michael Lombardi could have gone on forever. We hardly touched upon the bevy of defensive line prospects and the stunning Combine workout of wide receiver Julio Jones. But there’s tons of time during the next few weeks to do so.

To wrap up the podcast, Nick Bakay came to the studio and, as usual, brought the funny. And he did so on various subjects: watching the Combine on TV, his beloved Buffalo Bills, Tom Brady’s ponytail and Tiki Barber’s stunning comeback. On that last subject, we phoned up an old friend of the podcast and the fiercest New York Giants fan we both know: The Worm.

As always, listen to the end. The Rich Eisen Podcast, good to the last drop. Even though this podcast does include 0.01 percent of Collective Bargaining Agreement talk.

Download: 99.9% CBA-Free Podcast: Blaine Gabbert, Charles Davis, Michael Lombardi and Nick Bakay.


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