The Rich Eisen Podcast: Jeff Saturday, Michael Lombardi and Rob Riggle

I’m excited to say that last week’s Comics-Only podcast was a great success. If we could only drown out the labor strife every single day of every single week these days.

Alas, that’s virtually impossible to do. The work stoppage and its effects are everywhere and felt across the entire NFL landscape. So, once again, it proved virtually impossible to lock out the lockout from my podcast, especially since Jeff Saturday is hanging out with us at the NFL Network studios for three days this week.

A member of the union’s executive committee, Saturday served as a central figure in the two-year-long negotiations that broke down two and a half weeks ago. In fact, he was THE member of the now-dissolved NFL Players Association to inform the NFL that the union was, in fact, dissolving. Thus, I sat down with Saturday and had a lengthy, wide-ranging conversation in which I tried to gather crucial facts on the two issues to which I believe fans want and require answers: How in the world did we get here, and how do we get out of “here” and get back to playing football again?

My chat with Saturday aired over two nights on “NFL Total Access” this week and, I’m pleased to say, received some kudos for its candor. I figured I would replay the chat in its entirety for you here on the podcast. It’s chock-full of new and pertinent information — the ultimate definition of news you can use.

After the Saturday chat, Michael Lombardi joins us in-studio to place it all in perspective and also drop some quality NFL Draft nuggets as we are now officially less than one month away from the Panthers being put on the clock. Also, what are the Bills, Cardinals and Vikings thinking at quarterback? Would the Bengals draft a quarterback? If so, what would be Carson Palmer’s endgame then? Lombardi answers all.

Then, once again, we wrap up the podcast with a laugh. A few years ago, I met Rob Riggle at an NFL event and could not have been more excited. One of the funnier alums from “The Daily Show,” Riggle also happens to be a die-hard Chiefs fan. You may also know Riggle from his hilarious star-turn as the taser-loving Vegas cop in “The Hangover.”

Rob’s current gig is one of interest to the NFL fan: He plays former Broncos lineman and current ESPN analyst Mark Schlereth in a CBS sitcom pilot based on the life of the retired Super Bowl champ. How does one portray a character nicknamed “Stink?” What does he think about the future of his beloved Chiefs? How in the world did he pull off crashing Pete Carroll’s first training camp with the Seahawks last year? 

We talk about it all with the riotous Riggle, the only person I know whose career path in comedy started with the United States Marine Corps. For real.

Thanks for all your feedback on the podcast, especially last week’s. Most of you enjoyed hearing a comics-only podcast with the Stangel Brothers, Jeff Garlin and Jeffrey Ross. I might have to do that every once in a while. Especially if we’re stuck in lockout mode.

In the interim, next week’s podcast lineup is already forming: NFL Network reporter Kara Henderson returns, along with guests Tony Gonzalez of the Falcons and actor Dennis Quaid. See you then. Enjoy this week’s show.

Download: The Rich Eisen Podcast: Jeff Saturday, Michael Lombardi and Rob Riggle


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