The Rich Eisen Podcast: Dennis Quaid, Tony Gonzalez and Gabe Feldman

It’s yet another mixed bag on the podcast this week: an all-world actor, an All-Pro tight end and an all-time first for the podcast – a lawyer.

Yes, I broke down and got a legal expert to come on the podcast to address the litigation aspect of the lockout that’s about to get started in earnest. But, listen to me when I tell you, in all earnestness, that I did it for you.

Throughout this labor nightmare we’re all living in the NFL world, I’ve done my best to keep the awfulness from creeping into the podcast. But when I have talked lockout, I’ve only done it to make sure that my listeners get the real-deal, no-spin, straight scoop. After the union decertified, I got Peter King on for you. When Jeff Saturday came in studio for “NFL Total Access,” I spoke with him for nearly 30 minutes and got to the bottom of what happened in mediation and how the players plan to work this thing through to a playing season this fall.

I did it all for you.

So, by having Tulane law professor and sports law expert Gabe Feldman on this podcast, you will get everything you need to know in very simple, layman’s language on what to expect with the court hearings that will no doubt confuse us all over the coming weeks. Gabe will deliver the proverbial “news you can use.” And it will be as fun as a legal discussion can be. This won’t be an episode of “The Paper Chase” where you’ll get called out for being unprepared.

Again, it’s all for you.

As for the rest of the podcast, it’s all good times. Tony Gonzalez visited “NFL Total Access” and we’ll replay the conversation we had on the show about his future with the Atlanta Falcons (hint: it’s murky if the lockout runs long) as well as his thoughts on top draftees showing up at Radio City Music Hall to shake the Commissioner’s hand.

Dennis Quaid joins the show as his film “Soul Surfer” hits a theater near you. It’s the umpteenth sports movie for the man famous for his starring roles in “Breaking Away,” “Everybody’s All-American,” “Any Given Sunday,” “The Rookie” and “The Express.” We ask Quaid about why sports movies are fun for him to make and delve a bit into the football films only to maybe fish out a Lawrence Taylor story or two. Plus, we touch upon Quaid’s deep love for the New Orleans Saints.

The Hot Topics segment appears in the middle of all this and, as usual, Kara Henderson brings the noise. Paired with analyst Charles Davis, the NFL Network host/reporter also brings some of her own material to the table, including a never-before heard piece of tape from an interview she conducted with Andy Reid at the NFL Annual Meeting. It’s an instant classic to say the least. As for Davis, he’ll give us the latest inside scoop on the most scrutinized player in the draft: Cam Newton. It might be time for some house cleaning in Dallas.

As always, enjoy. And remember … it’s all done for you.

Download: The Rich Eisen Podcast: Dennis Quaid, Tony Gonzalez and Gabe Feldman


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