Rich Eisen Podcast: Ray Lewis, Michael Lombardi, Gabe Feldman and Kara Henderson

Contained within this week’s edition of my podcast, please find one of the most soulful and intense interviews I’ve ever conducted. And I’ve been talking a lot the past 15 years of my career.

Future Hall of Fame linebacker Ray Lewis paid a visit to “NFL Total Access” for the very first time this week and after the show ended, stayed around for a special, exclusive one-on-one chat for the podcast. What ensued was pure passion and intensity. What makes Ray tick? How much time does he have left in his NFL career? In 2010, his 15th NFL season, Lewis missed a grand total of five snaps. Why does he keep going at an incredible pace?

I asked Ray to place us in his shoes as he gets ready for a game and he did just that. Then he revealed something about what he does after every Ravens home game – something I haven’t heard him reveal before or anywhere else. It truly is an incomparable chat and look forward to hearing your thoughts on it.

Lewis was accompanied by Shad Ireland, the first dialysis patient to ever complete the Ironman Triathlon. Lewis and Ireland are taking to the media airwaves to raise awareness of kidney disease and what you need to know about how to prevent it. It’s just another cause that Lewis has taken up on his journey to become a better man and make the world a better place.

Speaking of making things better, a federal judge ordered the seemingly intransigent sides in the NFL labor dispute into mediation. Salvation, might thy name be Chief Magistrate Judge Arthur J. Boylan? For the second straight week, I decided to present you the proverbial news you can use. What might happen in mediation? How does it work? How long might it take? What are the odds that it actually works and we have a deal before the draft? Who might be advocating for such a thing on both sides? Even worse, who might be advocating against it and why? Once again, we turn to Tulane Law School professor Gabe Feldman to make heads or tails of all this for us in the most cogent, understandable way possible.

Lastly, Kara Henderson returns to the podcast (making it back-to-back appearances) along with Michael Lombardi. We opine on what a deal before the draft could mean FOR the draft, and what the draft would look like should the status quo remain as such. Plus, Lombardi tells us his recollections of evaluating Lewis for the 1996 draft for the Cleveland Browns mere days before the Browns became the Ravens. Plus, when Kara joins the podcast, the conversation can go in any direction, as evidenced by my telling of a Pro Bowl karaoke story that involves Peyton Manning, Ed Reed, Willis McGahee and waking up the entire family of John Lynch.

Good times. Hope you enjoy. Nearing just two weeks until the draft and … perhaps a new CBA? You mediate, Judge Boylan. Mediate like the wind!

Download: Rich Eisen Podcast: Ray Lewis, Michael Lombardi, Gabe Feldman and Kara Henderson


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