Rich Eisen Podcast: Michael Irvin, Marshall Faulk, Steve Mariucci, Kurt Warner, Dan Patrick, Kara Henderson and Charlie Yook

The last name on that list might not be familiar to you, but he’s an All-Star around these parts. Charlie Yook is the producer of the Emmy-nominated “NFL GameDay Morning” who also just happens to be the main producer of NFL Network’s coverage of the NFL Draft.

He will be in the chair in the satellite truck sitting on East 52nd Street outside of Radio City Music Hall for every minute of the draft just like I will be in the anchor seat for every minute of it inside Radio City Music Hall. So, I figured I’d get him on the podcast and ask him all the questions necessary, including the one most of you want to know: If NFL Network catches wind of the identity of an impending draft pick, will we reveal it before the Commissioner does.

That crucial response is deep within my lengthy pre-draft chat with Charlie and NFL Network reporter Kara Henderson, who will be covering the Denver Broncos the first night of the NFL Draft. Good times always ensue when Kara sits in on the Hot Topics segment and this one is no different.

The podcast kicks off with a Hall of Famer, a soon-to-be Hall of Famer and a future Hall of Famer sitting with me and the great Steve Mariucci to talk about the just-released 2011 NFL regular season schedule. Lots to soak in when 256 regular season games are placed in a discernable order that may not seem quite crucial in April (especially during a lockout) but comes home to roost when you’re actually having to navigate it on the way to a Super Bowl. What are some of the quirks of the schedule? Which team got hosed (Marshall has an idea; Warner has another) and which team will be needing an earlier wake up call than most (I have a notion on that one.) There’s also a great argument within between Marshall and Michael (what else is new) in regards to Tony Romo.

It’s all good.

In between the schedule and draft segment, I phone up Dan Patrick, an old friend and colleague (which I had put it that way in the actual interview) who, as always, does not disappoint. We go over the NBC Sunday Night Football schedule with the Football Night in America host and discuss the merits of releasing the schedule of a playing season that’s in danger of, you know, not being played. All that happened before we began reminiscing about our halcyon ESPN days and the impending book about those days. In fact, we talked more about that than football.

Enjoy the show and get set for a big-time podcast set for Draft Week with guests Auburn defensive tackle Nick Fairley, draft guru Mike Mayock, Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff and big-time Colts fan and author-to-be Rob Lowe. Yes, THAT Rob Lowe. See you next week.

Download: Rich Eisen Podcast: Michael Irvin, Marshall Faulk, Steve Mariucci, Kurt Warner, Dan Patrick, Kara Henderson and Charlie Yook


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