Rich Eisen Podcast: Warren Sapp, Tony Dungy, Mark Sanchez, Spandan Daftary and Kara Henderson

Back from vacation, tanned and rested, fully charged and filled with vim and vigor to talk football except … there’s still no football. And with no football on the immediate horizon. Unless, of course, you consider the marbled foyer of the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit some form of FieldTurf.


So, we have no choice to move onward and upward, and on this podcast, we do just that.

First up, my good friend and NFL Network colleague Warren Sapp joins the podcast for the very first time and, in honor of the occasion, I had a “This is Your Life”-type wrinkle in store for him. A few minutes into the conversation, I had his old coach Tony Dungy call in to surprise him. Warren had no earthly idea one of the favorite people in his world would be on the phone and the moment of truth is one of the more special moments this podcast has created. In other words, we do make dreams come true. To say the least, the conversation that ensued between Sapp and Dungy was deep, spiritual and real.

Next up, we throw open the podcast studio doors for Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez. A native Southern Californian, Sanchez has been spending much of his lockout time at home. Literally, spending a lot of time with his folks. He’s also hosted not one, but TWO player-organized workouts for the Jets, a make-shift OTA that he dubs “Jets West.” Thus, it’s a natural to find out just what in the world the Jets are accomplishing working out on their own and how it might pay off down the road when we EVENTUALLY get a playing season on the docket. Plus, Sanchez hits upon the large number of his receivers sitting on the verge of free agency, as well as what he needs to do to finally get the Jets through a conference championship game and into the league’s championship game.

Lastly, NFL Network reporter/host and podcast favorite Kara Henderson returns to the show. She’s joined by NFL Network segment producer Spandan Daftary aka “Spoon,” who currently has a big job on his plate: Creating a visual look to help bring this podcast to, yes, NFL Network television. What will it take to polish this, uh, show and make it shine for the bright lights of cable television? I must say, what Spoon has in store is quite exciting. It’s next-level stuff. Plus, the conversation about Kara trying to hook him up with one of her son’s kindergarten teachers is priceless. And potentially breaks new barriers on this podcast.

But, again, breaking new barriers (or mediums) appears to be a running theme with this show. Enjoy. Matthew Stafford already booked for next week, Lions fans. Same with Mark Herzlich. Excited about everything in store.

Download: Rich Eisen Podcast: Warren Sapp, Tony Dungy, Mark Sanchez, Spandan Daftary and Kara Henderson


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