Mark Sanchez creates buzz with ‘The Sanch-ini’

We had a bunch of fun with Jets QB Mark Sanchez on Wednesday, when we put him through the “NFL Media Car Wash.”

In addition to shooting segments for upcoming episodes of our Playbook show as well as “The Top 100 Players of 2011,” Sanchez sat down for a chat with me for my podcast (which you can download here on this page) and took part in a photo shoot and a Q&A, all before sitting down with me for a one-on-one chat on “NFL Total Access.” And, as we sent Sanchez out the door, we did what every proper host should do: we fed him.

Now, the sandwich we fed him from our NFL Network cafeteria called “Huddle West” apparently left a lasting impression because, as he headed back home down the 405 freeway, Sanchez tweeted out a special message with a photo of his makeshift meal.

It led us to seek out the top chef in “Huddle West” to see if Sanchez’s sandwich actually had a name and, when we learned it did not, a fantastic and unique storyline for Thursday’s “NFL Total Access” unfolded.

Someone had to get to the bottom of what Sanchez loved so much about the sandwich that clearly needed a name. After all, yours truly has so frequently ordered one particular personally-crafted lunch dish that the management of “Huddle West” has now dubbed it the “Rich Special.” So when Jamie Dukes then mentioned he has also created his own dish at the cafeteria called the “Dukes Salad,” a taste-test clearly began to materialize. Willie McGinest and Stacey Dales were caught in the middle as impartial judges.

Please enjoy the hijinks that ensued, people.

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