Rich Eisen Podcast: Plaxico Burress, Jim Mora and Michelle Beadle

Thanks to last week’s record-breaking (at least for us) edition of podcast with the cast of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” we (that’s the royal “we” I guess) set the bar pretty high.

We (there it is again) can only hope to reach that bar, if not leap over it, with the latest edition of the show. At the very least, I think a new high-water mark in terms of variety has been set. This week’s guest list: Plaxico Burress, fresh from a 622-day stay at the Oneida Correctional Facility in upstate New York; Jim Mora, Sr., fresh back from a USO-organized trip to the Persian Gulf with his son Jim Mora, Arizona head coach Ken Whisenhunt and Houston head coach Gary Kubiak; and, lastly (but certainly not least) the popular co-host of ESPN2’s “SportsNation” Michelle Beadle, who was fresh off from a night at the ESPY Awards in nearby Hollywood.

As for just how “fresh off” Beadle was when she kindly paid the show an in-studio visit, well, you’ll just have to listen.

First up, however, is a deep, heavy, one-on-one chat with Burress, who needs to get permission from his probation officer to travel out-of-state, as he did for this in-studio visit. I had tons of questions for Plax, who I last interviewed and saw when we were both picking confetti out of our respective hair moments after his game-winning, Patriot-killing catch in Super Bowl XLII.

The first and most obvious question is this: How is he different person now than the last time we met? The answer was insightful; the conversation only got more so from there. What was he thinking when he took a gun with him into a nightclub in New York City on that fateful night? Did he really turn down a plea bargain because he refused to serve even a day in prison … and then wound up serving longer? How did he cope with not being at the birth of his daughter? What are his thoughts on serving more time than Casey Anthony? And, moving to the future, where does he go from here, professionally and personally?

Next up is Jim Mora Sr., and we run the gamut with him. A former Marine, he just spent five days visiting our troops in the Persian Gulf and, guess what: the number-1 question the troops asked Mora is also the number-1 question on everyone’s mind here in the States. For those who can’t guess what it is, download and listen! And, uh, for those of you who CAN guess what it is, please download and listen anyway. I guess that was a silly tease and promotion, but please forgive me. My mind turns a wee bit to mush when an NFL lockout passes 120 days in length.

At any rate, when Mora isn’t overseas boosting morale he’s either on a golf course or in a movie theater. Regular listeners of the podcast will recall that Mora is a major, big-time film buff and came on the show back in February to give us his Oscar picks, nailing three of the major five award winners. So, with the summer movie season in full swing, Mora imparts his Siskel-and-Ebert like wisdom on such flicks as “Horrible Bosses,” “Hangover 2,” “Midnight in Paris,” “Water For Elephants” and others. But before he does so, I propose a special rating system that coach reluctantly implements. It’s a classic Mora moment.

Lastly, we finish up the podcast with ESPN’s funny and talented Beadle, who stopped by on her way back to Bristol after spending ESPY week here in Los Angeles. Before she hit LAX, I review the latest ESPY broadcast with her and try to elicit some quality behind-the-scenes gossip that I know MUST be going on, being a former ESPYs veteran myself …although my invitation has mysteriously gotten lost in the mail the past eight years. Hmmm. We also talk NFL with Michelle, as well as how in the world she gets through her workday wrestling with such a live-wire as Colin Cowherd.

It’s a fun talk, especially since chatting with a current up-and-comer at the Worldwide Leader in Sports sparked some nostalgia within and led me to spin a couple of Bristol tales that I might eventually regret telling for all to hear.

That’s it. Enjoy the show! And, oh, one last thing: please Lord let this be the last podcast I ever have to do with a lockout hanging over my head. Should a CBA get struck over the weekend, it WOULD be perfect timing for this show, what with Sports Illustrated’s Peter King and Jeff Fisher on the guest list for next week.

Download: Rich Eisen Podcast: Plaxico Burress, Jim Mora and Michelle Beadle


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