Rich Eisen Podcast: Al Michaels, Jason Bateman and Hank Azaria

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We’re in Week Two in our brave, new Back to Football world, with the landscape of that world changing with every passing minute of this unprecedented window of free agency.

And I think the Eagles just signed another player.

By the way, if I hear one more person say the Eagles are the NFL’s version of the Miami Heat, I’m going to go batty. Yes, I know one of the Eagles many new hires Jason Babin actually tweeted out that they’re the NFL version of the Miami Heat and Vince Young called the Eagles a “Dream Team” but let’s hold our horses for a moment. Just because Babin became the umpteenth athlete to pop off on Twitter and V-Y is learning that the Philadelphia media is bit more intense than what he was accustomed to in Tennessee, it doesn’t mean that they’re speaking for the entire organization. Nnamdi Asomugha did not hold and produce his own announcement show nor did the Eagles en masse act like they just won a title.

Plus, if they really believe they’re the NFL’s version of the Miami Heat, best of luck to them. Last I heard, the Heat didn’t, you know, win it all.

At any rate, a lot got packed into the first seven days of post-lockout madness and we attempt to talk about it all with the play-by-play voice of NBC’s Sunday Night Football, the legendary Al Michaels. The five-time Emmy Award winner has been there and done that in the NFL for a quarter century now and has as good a grasp on what’s what than anyone else walking the football planet. It’s an honor to have Al back on the show and he showed in person.

So did my good buddy, Hank Azaria. The die-hard Jets fan and longtime voice of “The Simpsons” currently plays Gargamel in the hit movie “The Smurfs” (don’t you dare just call it “Smurfs” apparently) and was also the creative genius behind the brilliant Funny Or Die video about the fictional announcer Jim Brockmire. We talk about all that with Hank, who has an interesting take on exactly WHY he hates the New England Patriots.

In between, Jason Bateman made his first of what I hope will be many appearances on the podcast. Bateman has not one but TWO summer movies to promote: “Horrible Bosses” and “The Change-Up,” which opens in the proverbial theater near you this weekend. The lifelong Los Angelino waxes nostalgiac about his Raiders (don’t you dare call him a Rams fan, apparently) and, like Bryan Cranston did two weeks ago, grilled yours truly on the possibility of the NFL’s return to his hometown. Of course, I could not let Jason hang up before grilling him on the possibility of the return of “Arrested Development,” for which he won a Golden Globe in 2005. If you have never seen the show, do yourself a favor and Netflix it immediately. Certainly, you need to get yourself up to speed if the show returns on the silver screen as rumored. Bateman gives us the latest update.

Enjoy this show, the second of two podcasts this week. If you haven’t already downloaded the first, it’s a great primer (or Primetime primer) for the upcoming Hall of Fame weekend. My guests on that show include 2011 enshrinees Deion Sanders and Richard Dent. In fact, the chat with Deion is an instant classic. So please do give that one a listen if you already haven’t.

In the meantime, I’m off to Canton where I plan to interview as many immortals as I can for next week’s podcast.

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