Rich Eisen HOF Podcast: John Madden, Jim Kelly, Anthony Munoz and Jack Youngblood with Jackie Slater

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What a spectacular weekend it was in Canton, Ohio as seven legends of the game found themselves adorned with gold jackets and bronze busts as they entered the sport’s most special of fraternities.  So we decided to take the podcast on the road for the first time for this special event and were able to catch up with some of game’s greatest.  Rich first sits down with HOF quarterback Jim Kelly who is absolutely fantastic as they hit on such topics as Scott Norwood‘s infamous missed Super Bowl XXV field goal, the future of football in Buffalo and his remarkably passionate Hall of Fame speech from 2002 that he dedicated to his late son Hunter, who suffered from a nervous system disorder known as Krabbe disease.  It’s a must-listen as Kelly touches on the state of the current Bills team and whether or not QB Ryan Fitzpatrick is the answer in Buffalo.

Next, we catch up with one of pro football’s biggest icons as John Madden sits down with Rich fresh off a meeting with NFL commish Roger Goodell and others on player safety.  Coach Madden shares stories from his Raiders days as well as his hugely successful broadcasting career and the redonkulous football viewing setup he currently enjoys as a retired coach/commentator/video game legend.

Following Coach Madden is class of 1998 enshrinee OT Antony Munoz, who addresses the current state of the Cincinnati Bengals and the hostile situation that his former franchise is facing with quarterback Carson Palmer‘s pending retirement.  It’s not all serious chatter, though, as Munoz shares a hilarious story about his struggles with one particular piece of golf equipment.

The podcast wraps up with former L.A. Rams teammates Jack Youngblood and Jackie Slater. The two dig deep as they reminisce on stories of the past, what it was like playing in the NFL in the late 1970’s with the Hollywood scene as their backdrop and if a return to L.A. is a good thing for the NFL. As expected the stories are great and put a cap on what was an even better weekend as the NFL Network family saw three of its own enshrined in Ed Sabol, Marshall Faulk and Deion Sanders.

Lastly a special thank you to Joe Horrigan, Pete Fierle & Matt Waechter of the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton for their efforts this week and assistance in making this inaugural on-the-road podcast possible.  Also be sure to check out NFL AUCTION if you’re interested in obtaining any of the Hall of Fame autographed memorabilia you see on the TV version of the podcast.  One hundred percent of the proceeds go to such charitable organizations as the Player Care Foundation, NFL Play 60 and many more.   This week’s podcast airs Wednesday on NFL Network at 9 p.m. ET.  As always, enjoy and be sure to follow the podcast on Twitter @TheEisenPodcast.

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