Rich Eisen Podcast: Faulk, Deion, Mooch, Sapp, Warner plus Mike Tirico and Jim Mora, Sr

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Watch REP: NFL GameDay Morning crew talks CJ2K, Ocho and more

Watch REP: Coach Mora knows his Diddly-Poo’s

Watch REP: Bonus Mora, Tirico and more

With the first week of preseason games under our belts and the season just a few short weeks away, all of us here at the NFL are preparing for another dynamite season of pigskin. In anticipation of this Rich decided to round up his Emmy nominated “NFL GameDay Morning” colleagues fresh off their day long photo shoot in Los Angeles.

As expected, it’s a riot when all six of the fellas sit down and chat. It’s not all fun and games, though, as business is tended to when the crew touches on such topics as Chris Johnson’s holdout and how long (and ugly) things just may get in the Music City. Proctor and Gamble would be pleased as the topic goes from one Johnson (CJ2K) to another as rumors surfaced this week that the artist … errr, receiver … formerly known as Chad Johnson may be on his way out of Foxborough before things even get started. Rich and the crew gives some solid insight as to how things may play out for Ochocinco and Albert Haynesworth in New England.

Next up on the show is the voice of “Monday Night Football,” Mike Tirico, who phones in for his second visit to the show. It’s a stroll down memory lane as Mike tells stories of the old days in Bristol, CT and how much they all looked forward to the pleasantries of a Tuesday morning Bill Parcells press conference and the unbridled enthusiasm for the media he brought to the table. Rich also asks Tirico for his thoughts on Ndamukong Suh and the recent criticism he’s been getting for being a dirty player thanks in part to his rough treatment of quarterbacks, in particular Bengals QB Andy Dalton.

What better way to wrap up the show then with the “Rich Eisen Podcast” resident movie critic, coach Jim Mora, Sr., joining us in studio. The last time he was on the podcast Rich introduced a one-of-a-kind movie rating system in which coach Mora handed out “Diddly-Poos” as opposed to stars. To say that the new rating system has caught on would be an understatement as coach Mora tells a great story of a recent trip to New Orleans where it came into play.

It’s fun stuff and as always thanks for listening. Be sure to follow the podcast on Twitter @TheEisenPodcast as we look to continue our fan contests and giveaways. Be sure to catch the TV version of the podcast which airs this Friday at 12:30 p.m. ET on NFL Network.

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