Rich Eisen Podcast Kickoff 2011: Tom Brady, Dan Patrick and Adam Carolla

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The day that many of feared would never arrive in 2011 is finally here: kickoff to an NFL regular season in full and, hopefully, the last indirect or direct reference to the infernal lockout in this space.

To celebrate the momentous occasion, your humble narrator figured it would be best to sit down the reigning MVP and three-time Super Bowl champion quarterback of the New England Patriots and pick his brain. Tom Brady is the first podcast guest of the 2011 season. I sat him down about a week ago just an hour before the Patriots annual kickoff dinner and asked him about his work ethic, his now famous competitive streak and the ultimate question: does he think the Patriots have what it takes to win another Super Bowl…and first in that neck of the woods in now SIX years. Of course, like his previous appearance last season, I had to mention Gisele at least once. Tom is one of my favorite interviews in the league and I dare say this one doesn’t disappoint.

Next up is another returning guest: Dan Patrick. My old ESPN SportsCenter compadre joins me from his famed “man cave” on the set of his stellar and popular radio show also seen, like this podcast, on television. You can catch Dan’s show everyday either on DirecTV’s channel 101 or on your regional Fox Sports Net. Dan gives his predictions for who will be in the Super Bowl and to which team he’ll personally hand the Lombardi in his role with NBC’s Football Night in America. As always with an old friend, the conversation tends to wander and the chat ranges from questions as to whether he thinks the Colts are already done because of Peyton’s neck problem to just how many photos of himself does he have on his “man cave” walls?

Lastly, as this show bypasses its two-millionth all-time download, it’s only fitting that we welcome the podcast king back into our midst. According to the “Guinness Book of World Records”, Adam Carolla hosts the most downloaded podcast of all-time. And who are we to argue with Guinness, book, beer or Alec? You can help add to Adam’s download list, by checking out his podcast here.
On this podcast, Adam handicaps the 2011 chances for his favorite team – the Rams — and then, as always, posits some ideas to improve the game overall. He forwards a new concept to expand the scope of the false start penalty and renews his plea to keep games closer by making field goals worth more points by adding, yes, a third upright. In a move that might confuse the mere listener to this podcast, we take the final portion of the segment to a different television stage where the makeshift field goal posts on our demo field get a little more makeshift based on Adam’s new rule proposal and attempt to hit the third upright. The key word in that last sentence is “attempt” because guess who attempts it. And you’ll never guess who holds it, either.

To make sure that those who can only LISTEN to this podcast, see the video of the final segment embedded in this blog post. It’s all good. Lots of fun to kick off a new regular season for this show, which debuts at 4:30p.m. ET on NFL Network with repeat – or shall I call them “encore” – viewings at 11a.m. ET on Kickoff Thursday and 1:30p.m. and 12:30a.m. ET on the Saturday before the big first Sunday of the season. Enjoy.

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