Pt.1 Rich Eisen Podcast: Terrell Suggs, Troy Aikman, Nick Bakay, Kara Henderson, Jeffrey Ross

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Week One of the 2011 season proved that offenses are ahead of defenses and the points flowed unabated on this week’s edition of the podcast, too.

Thus, we felt compelled to split the show into two parts for the very first time. Unless you want to download a two-hour show. That’s how long all our chats ran combined.

Ravens LB Terrell Suggs shares his 'bling' with Rich back in 2004 during his first visit to the NFL Network set

As one might imagine, Terrell Suggs likes to chat. Mere days after leading the 7-turnover beatdown of the Steelers, T-sizzle phoned into the podcast. Yours truly goes way back with Suggs, as the photo seen here implies. Or should I say, as my hairline in the photo implies. Suggs first appeared on NFL Network in 2004 as a mere pup in the Baltimore defense. Now, he’s the Ravens all-time sack leader. In our chat, he reveals what he does pre-snap with Ben Roethlisberger and what used to scare him as a kid. Both are somewhat surprising.

Troy Aikman is also on the show. Who better than the 3-time Super Bowl champion Hall of Fame quarterback and FOX lead analyst to ask about Tom Brady‘s record-shattering performance, Peyton Manning‘s absence and Tony Romo‘s turnover problem? Aikman also just called Rex Grossman‘s impressive Redskins season-opening start and is about to call the big Bears-Saints tilt for FOX, so we ask him about those items, too.

Of all the usual surprises an Opening Week brings, none was more so this time around than the Bills’ dominance of the Chiefs in Kansas City. So I invited the biggest Bills fan I know into the studio: Nick Bakay. As usual, Nick brought props and the funny. I paired him up with podcast favorite and NFL Total Access co-host Kara Henderson and we tried to hit on as many NFL hot-button topics as possible.

The RoastMaster General joins Rich Eisen to discuss the Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen

That’s because I knew we’d talk little football with our final guest: Jeffrey Ross, the Roastmaster General himself. Ross joins the show fresh off producing and starring in another Comedy Central roast, this one for Charlie Sheen. With the Sheen roast not set to premiere until next Monday at 10:30 p.m. ET, Jeffrey provides an exclusive preview of the hilarity along with a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how the roast got put together. He also goes in-depth into what went down on Sheen’s “Torpedo of Truth” tour that seemed quite ill-fated until the Warlock called the Roastmaster General onto the scene.

The last reason why the show cracked two hours in length: There was lots of housekeeping to do on this week’s podcast. First, I’m excited to announce, we have a new sponsor: Bud Light. Second, we had to revisit Brady’s night against Miami because that now makes him 2-for-2 in monster performances the week after appearing on the podcast.

Larry David's 'You're Welcome' letter in response to Rich's ' 'Thank You' letter for coming on the Podcast

And, third, the eighth season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” that Larry David and crew came on the podcast to promote back in July just aired its season finale. Be sure to listen when we revisit one of the moments of that classic “Curb” podcast because it explains the note I received from Larry himself, seen here.

So, that is all. One podcast, two parts. Download em both. And stay tuned for a special podcast with Kurt and Brenda Warner, coming out Friday. Brenda has written a book, and her — and their — story is incredible.

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