Rich Eisen Podcast: Adrian Peterson, Tim McGraw and Suzanne Johnson

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I’ve got to say, for a show that prides itself on mixing up the guest list, this week’s podcast might just take the cake: a beast of an All-Pro running back/philanthropist fighting through an 0-3 start, a country music legend crowing about his 2-1 Tennessee Titans and the wife of the owner of the New York Jets shaking off a shaky loss in Oakland to promote the NFL’s new line of women’s apparel.

AP chats Vikes rough start, and his charity 'Football for Good'

First up, we chat with Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, fresh off a third consecutive second-half collapse to drop his Vikings to the dreaded third straight loss to start the season. We ask Adrian the basic question: what is wrong with the Vikings? And then the obvious follow up: Shouldn’t he be getting the ball more often, especially as the team’s leads begin to crater in the second half? His answers were as elusive as his running style, so your humble narrator had to take a more direct approach.

There’s another benefit to Peterson getting the ball more — he’s donating $5,000 for every touchdown he scores this season to “Football For Good”, a new charitable venture he created in conjunction with none other than actor/entrepreneur Ashton Kutcher and his wife Demi Moore. The charity raises awareness of a scourge that gets very little attention: sex trafficking of children. Peterson came on the podcast to talk about the issue and how “Football For

Bears fan Ashton Kutcher and his 'Sweetness', wife Demi Moore at SB XLI

Good” intends to combat it. Other NFL players are pitching in by donating a certain dollar amount per touchdown as well, including Colts tight end Dallas Clark, Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson and Bears receiver Roy Williams.

It’s also an interactive charity — you can take part and win some cool prizes. Fans who donate to “Football For Good” have an opportunity to win Peterson-autographed gear and, even better, an all-expenses paid trip to the Metrodome for a meet-and-greet with Peterson before a Vikings game. To make a donation and also get more information, please visit www.crowdrise.com/football and spread the word.

After Peterson, we Skyped with country music star Tim McGraw. It was not only the first Skype chat in our podcast’s history, but also in the history of NFL Network. With the podcast growing on the television side, we tried to get him to appear on Titans Cam in Nashville but the logistics couldn’t work. So, when McGraw offered to Skype from his house instead, we were all for it.

Tim McGraw at Super Bowl XLIII

Especially since, I must admit, I was hoping we might see Faith Hill padding around the house in the background in sweats. Alas, she was out at a recording studio when we had our chat with Tim, one of the biggest Tennessee Titans fans around. We also talk music and movies, including his new indie comedy coming out next week called “Dirty Girl”.

And lastly, we broke yet even more new podcast ground with our first owner’s wife as a guest: Suzanne Johnson, wife of Jets owner Woody Johnson. Suzanne is all fired up about the new line of women’s apparel the league has created along with a new website to find it: www.NFL.com/women. Suzanne was fresh back from Oakland, where she and Woody watched the Jets take it on the chin against the Raiders, but the loss did not sap her energy, to say the least. She’s the lead spokesperson for the campaign that includes the new line of clothes and jewelry, and also another new website offering party tips for tailgating at home: www.NFL.com/gamedayparty.

The always fashionable Suzanne Johnson with her husband, Jets owner Woody Johnson.

Of course, I had to ask Suzanne to drop some names as to who watches games with her in the owner’s suite and how Woody reacts to the action, especially, when it doesn’t go so well like last Sunday. Her answers are classic, especially when she reveals the names of her husband’s two favorite comedy movies.

In essence, this show is all over the NFL map. And that’s just the lineup for the first of two podcasts this week. Coming out tomorrow: NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock and fitness guru/volleyball queen/model Gabrielle Reece. Good times.

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