Rich Eisen Podcast: Jim Brockmire, Sugar Ray Leonard and Michael Lombardi

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The show that likes to give its listeners a little bit of everything does exactly that with this edition: A world-class NFL information man, a world-class champion and an all-world sportscaster down on his luck is making a highly anticipated comeback on this show.

First up, NFL Network insider Michael Lombardi joins us, and we touch on virtually every team at the quarter point of the 2011 season. Are the surprise teams — the Lions, Bills, Titans, 49ers and Redskins — for real? What in the world happened on the sideline between Chiefs coach Todd Haley and his quarterback, Matt Cassel? Are the banged-up Steelers in trouble? Why did the Jets thoroughly abandon “ground and pound,” and will they be able to right the ship to battle with New England this weekend and beyond? Lombardi tells all … and offers interesting advice to those fantasy football players with Antonio Gates on their roster.

Sugar Ray Leonard and actor Hugh Jackman at Super Bowl XLV

Next up, Sugar Ray Leonard joins us from NFL headquarters in New York, from where he’s promoting the movie “Real Steel“, which is opening this weekend. The former welterweight champion of the world serves as the boxing adviser on the film for the lead actor Hugh Jackman and tells a few stories about the challenges that proposed. Leonard is a big Redskins fan from back in the day and drops a few names of NFLers who used to come to all his fights.

Speaking of fighters and battlers, our last guest is certainly that: the legendary sports announcer Jim Brockmire. For those who might not know of his storied sportscasting career and how it recently took a disturbing turn for the worse, Brockmire’s rise and fall was recently documented in a highly circulated Funny or Die video you can see here. With his wife’s infidelity-related, live-on-the-air meltdown now thankfully behind him, Brockmire is attempting to put the pieces of his Hall of Fame announcing career back together and has chosen the podcast as the forum for his first step back toward respectability.

Broadcast legend Jim Brockmire recaps the top NFL plays of September

It’s truly an honor to have him on the show talking about the current issues of the NFL, reliving his fabulous calls of such seminal NFL moments as the Ice Bowl and the Immaculate Reception and, then, handing him the floor to narrate the plays of the month for September. Give it a listen here and please download the video to see a legend back at work. It’s for a touching moment such as this that I’m thankful this podcast exists. Enjoy people. And also download the first podcast of this week, if you already haven’t. My guests: Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker, and Jeff Schaffer, creator of the fantasy-football comedy “The League” and co-executive producer of “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

Guests scheduled for next week: Brian Billick and Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari.

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