Rich Eisen Podcast: Charles Woodson, Adam Carolla, Jim Brockmire and Sam Farmer

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It’s December. It’s time for the stretch run. It’s put up or shut up time, which means it’s time to raise our game here on the podcast. As you’ll notice from here on out, we intend to do just that with our guest list.

To that end, we kick off this podcast with a future Hall of Famer and one of the greatest players the University of Michigan has ever sent forth into the pro ranks: Charles Woodson of the Green Bay Packers. So much to talk about with him and we do: going undefeated in 2011, Suh’s 2-game suspension, Michigan’s turnaround season, Urban Meyer’s arrival to the ultimate rivalry, Tom Brady’s ascension from backup on his college team to all-time NFL great, their Tuck Rule moment and….whether, after 16 seasons, Woodson might hang em up with Green Bay repeats. Loved the chat, hope you do too.

Next up is Adam Carolla, who thankfully came back in-studio after I booted two footballs into his posterior during his last in-studio visit. As always, we run the gamut with Carolla, from his crusade to extend goal posts to the collapse of his beloved Rams to the most inventive analogy for the Dallas Cowboys I’ve ever heard. Carolla is at his A-game finest here. As always, please download the Aceman’s own podcast.

It was an outrageously busy week in the NFL with the most talked about team being, of all teams, the Jacksonville Jaguars. You normally do attract large amounts of attention when you, say, fire your coach and announce the sale of your team in the same press conference as Wayne Weaver did Tuesday. What are the ramifications of the Jaguars sale league-wide? Does this mean anything for your team, especially with Los Angeles expecting to be open for business shortly? We dial up the foremost expert on the subject, Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times. It’s an in-depth conversation that should answer most of your questions on the issue. And I’m talking to you Viking fans, Jaguar fans, Ram fans, Charger fans, Raider fans, Bills fans and 49er fans. Follow Sam on Twitter

Lastly, we throw open the studio doors for legendary sportscaster Jim Brockmire for a third time this season. Jim returns to deliver the plays of the month of November as only he can. He also offers his unique take on hot-button issues in the league, including Tim Tebow’s emergence and Suh’s Thanksgiving stomp. We know many of you complain about HEARING the top plays instead of SEEING them so stay tuned to this space to view the video of Brockmire’s plays of the month.

Enjoy folks. Bob Costas on the docket for next week…and more to come.

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