Run with me

I can’t believe it’s been seven years of this insanity.

I first ran the first 40-yard dash in 2005 in my suit, tie and lace-up shoes at the NFL Scouting Combine and it’s now gotten to the point where you can get involved too — and run with me. Well, not ACTUALLY run with me, but figuratively. Maybe that day will come. Unless this thing jumps the shark right quick.

At any rate, the good folks at the NFL Network came up with this idea to have you to run in your work clothes at your work place, roll a camera on it and post the video. The best ones will air on NFL Network before I lace ’em up again and make another molasses-like run at glory. Please, do not hurt yourself. And also do not cost yourself your job.

But, wherever you are, foreign or domestic, the one thing that you absolutely must do … is run.

For the love of all that is holy, block out the naysayers in your world and run. Run like the wind. And then tweet out a link to either @richeisen, @NFL or @NFLNetwork and use the hastag #RunRichRun.

The best runs —  and the worst – will air on NFL Network as divine inspiration just before I take the field.

Together, we can create a (very slow) movement. Or not. Either way. Just run.

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