Rich Eisen Podcast: Jeff Schaffer and Jim Mora Sr

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Guests include Jeff Schaffer, who co-wrote Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest film, “The Dictator,” and is also the co-creator of the hit FX show “The League.” Schaffer pulls back the curtain on the writing process and also dishes some exclusive news about “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” the hilarious HBO show that he also writes for and produces. This is a must-listen installment for any “Curb” fan.

Up next, we fittingly shift gears to our resident podcast movie reviewer, Jim Mora, Sr., who is back with his Diddly-Poo rating scale to give his two cents with regard to Hollywood’s summer blockbuster films. The former Colts and Saints head coach also shares his thoughts on Andrew Luck, who the Colts made the first overall pick of the draft. Mora has a unique perspective on the era of transition in Indianapolis, given that Luck is replacing Peyton Manning, who Mora picked first in the 1998 NFL Draft.

Enjoy, and as always, thanks for downloading.

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