Rich Eisen Podcast: Rich Eisen and Gregg Rosenthal

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Guests this week include Rich Eisen and Gregg Rosenthal.

With Rich Eisen out of town, his trusted podcast producers Chris Law and Chris Brockman take over the reins of this week’s edition of “The Rich Eisen Podcast,” featuring none other than Rich Eisen himself and NFL.com editor Gregg Rosenthal.

Law and Brockman first phone up Rich, who is on the road wrapping up the taping of his new reality show, “The Great Escape,” which premieres on TNT Sunday, June 24 at 10 p.m. ET. Rich shares some inside info on the dramatic locations where the show is shot and which grueling tasks some of the contestants must go through in order claim the $100,000 cash prize Rich doles out after each episode.

The guys then phone up Gregg Rosenthal, the managing editor of NFL.com’s “Around the League,” which offers quick-hitting updates on the latest football news and notes. Law and Brockman discuss a myriad of the hottest topics with Rosenthal, including the Saints’ “bounty” appeals, Percy Harvin literally feeling Minnesota and much, much more…

Rich is back in the saddle next week for all new episodes of the podcast featuring the lovely Olivia Munn, Adam Carolla, Brian Orakpo and more.
Enjoy, and as always, thanks always for listening.

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