Rich Eisen Podcast: Warren Moon and Bryan Anger

Hall of Famer Warren Moon on “The Rich Eisen Podcast”

Jaguars punter Bryan Anger and Rich Eisen

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Here on the podcast, we like to bring together and matchup guests from all walks of life, be it in the entertainment world or the NFL. On this episode we have two players on either end of the football spectrum: Canadian and Pro Football Hall of Famer Warren Moon and rookie Jaguars punter Bryan Anger. The former, you should recognize. Moon played 23 seasons of professional football with four different NFL teams (most notably the Houston Oilers), amassed nearly 50,000 NFL passing yards and reached nine Pro Bowls. Prior to, he played six years up north with Edmonton in the CFL. He stops by to talk about his illustrious Hall of Fame class in 2006, Cam Newton 2012 potential, the Seahawks, a new type of helmet he’s a partner in and much more. Anger, if you remember, was the highest drafted punter since 1995 and caused Rich to have a conniption at this year’s Draft. The Cal graduate couldn’t believe the response to his selection and explains how he became a foot-to-ball specialist, what it’s like getting ready for his rookie training camp and more.

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