Rich Eisen Podcast: Peter King and Rob Lowe

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Sports Illustrated senior writer Peter King dials in to chat with Rich following one of the greatest weekends in NFL playoff history. The Hall of Fame sportswriter found himself in the enviable position of attending both the Falcons’ last-minute comeback win over the Seahawks on Sunday and the Ravens’ thrilling double-overtime win over Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos on Saturday. King managed to spend time with players from all four squads following the two contests, and shares some of the insights he gathered in what was a spectacular weekend of NFL football.

Up next is actor Rob Lowe, who last year around this time made headlines across the National Football League with a tweet about a certain (former) Colts quarterback and retirement rumors. Rich dials up Lowe to discuss the incident and to get the big time Indy fan’s take on Andrew Luck’s first season and find out how Lowe and his two boys are doing in the post-Manning era as Colts fans. The star of “Parks and Recreation” lets Rich in on a little more credible NFL related news this time around. Lowe and some of his NBC cast mates recently hit up Lucas Oil Stadium and shot a few scenes for this week’s upcoming “Parks and Recreation” episode with Reggie Wayne, Jim Irsay and the aforementioned Luck. You can tune in to see their cameo appearance this Thursday, January 17th at 8:30pm ET on NBC.

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Which team has the best chance to win Super Bowl XLVII? (Associated Press/US Presswire)

Which team has the best chance to win Super Bowl XLVII? (Associated Press/US Presswire)

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