Rich Eisen Podcast: Troy Aikman, Joe Montana and Steven Soderbergh

Rich Eisen chats with Troy Aikman, Joe Montana and director Steven Soderbergh on the latest "Rich Eisen Podcast" (NFL)

Rich Eisen chats with Troy Aikman, Joe Montana and director Steven Soderbergh on the latest “Rich Eisen Podcast” (NFL)

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First up is the three-time Super Bowl champion quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, Troy Aikman, who shares his take on how the Baltimore Ravens edged the San Francisco 49ers to become Super Bowl XLVII champions.   Aikman also discuss what he thinks the future holds for both Colin Kaepernick and Joe Flacco.

If a three time Super Bowl champion wasn’t enough for you, Rich then dials up four-time Champion and three time Super Bowl  MVP, Joe Montana, who shares the Bay area perspective on how the 49ers franchise will handle its first Super Bowl defeat in six appearances.

Up next is Academy Award winning director, Steven Soderbergh, who is the REP’s resident media critic.  Soderbergh phones in to give his critique of the NFL Network and CBS coverage of Super Bowl XLVII, as well as which commercials were hits and which were misses. The Oscar winning director confirmed to Rich Eisen that his upcoming film “Side Effects” will be the final theatrically released movie (Behind The Candelabra – HBO) of his impressive directing career. The psychological thriller starring Rooney Mara, Channing Tatum and Jude Law hits theatres Friday, February 8th.

The podcast rounds out with Rich and podcast producers Chris Law and Chris Brockman recapping the full week that was Super Bowl XLVII, from the various events that the great host city of New Orleans put on, to the coverage and behind the scenes shooting and editing of “The Rich Eisen Super Bowl Special.”  If you happened to miss the TV special on NFL Network, click here to download the full video on iTunes.

Enjoy, and as always, thanks for downloading!

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Watch Joe Montana’s halftime commercial featuring Tide’s “Miracle Stain”

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