Rich Eisen Podcast: Aaron Paul, Brian Billick and Charles Davis

Aaron Paul, Brian Billick and Charles Davis join the latest #REP (AP/NFL)

Aaron Paul, Brian Billick and Charles Davis join the latest #REP (AP/NFL)

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Free agency has been underway for the past 48 hours, and already we’ve seen big-name players ink deals with new teams and the dominos beginning to fall for others. Rich Eisen welcomes back to the #REP Super Bowl XXXV-winning coach and friend of the program Brian Billick to talk about how a team approaches the free-agent frenzy period and get some insight into the behind-the-scenes dealings.  Billick and Eisen also discuss which acquisitions could make the biggest impact in 2014 and where are the best landing spots for free agents who have yet to sign.

Next, Charles Davis dials in to discuss the latest news surrounding the 2014 NFL Draft class.  For the past few weeks, we’ve been hearing about the “Big 3” at the quarterback position in Johnny ManzielTeddy Bridgewater and Blake Bortles, but Davis thinks a fourth name is rising on draft boards and could shake things up on draft day.  Eisen and Davis also discuss how some free agency moves, such as the Jacksonville Jaguars trading quarterback Blaine Gabbert to the San Francisco 49ers, will impact the draft.

Actor Aaron Paul dials in for a chat with Rich about his new film “Need For Speed,” rooting for the Broncos at MetLife Stadium during Super Bowl XLVIII and the fantastic ride he’s been on for the past few years portraying Jesse Pinkman in the critically acclaimed series “Breaking Bad.”  The two-time Emmy Award-winning actor is making his feature film debut as a leading man, playing Tobey Marshall in the videogame-adapted movie that hits theatres Friday, March 14. Check out this hilarious video of Aaron Paul catching up with our pal Dave Dameshek at Super Bowl XLVIII and re-enacting scenes from Titanic.

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