REP: The ‘Best Of’ The Rich Eisen Podcast

Law and Brockman recap some of the #REP's best

Law and Brockman recap some of the #REP’s best

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With Rich Eisen on break podcast producers Chris Law and Chris Brockman take a look back through the more than 270 episode library of the #REP and pull out clips from some of their favorite interviews.  This special “best of” edition includes  Bill Courtney, the high school football coach featured in Academy Award winning documentary “Undefeated” and film director Peter Berg talking about Friday Night Lights, his passion for Heads Up Football and more.  There are multiple other excerpts that Law and Brockman playback including clips featuring Adam Sandler, Charles Barkley, Frank Caliendo, Bobby Cannavale, Hank Azaria, and more.

Enjoy, and as always, thanks for downloading!

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