Rich Eisen Podcast: 2014 NFL Schedule Release with John Elway and Jim Nantz

The 2014 NFL Schedule Release #REP  features John Elway and Jim Nantz (AP/NFL) The 2014 NFL Schedule Release #REP features John Elway and Jim Nantz (AP/NFL)

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The 2014 NFL season kicks off with a rematch of one of the more infamous games in NFL history. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers look to avenge their loss in the “Fail Mary” game when they head to the Pacific Northwest to take on Russell Wilson and the defending Super Bowl champion Seahawks.  What a way to kick off the 2014 season, right? And that’s only a small sample of what the folks in the NFL scheduling department have served up for the 2014 schedule, which now includes 16 Thursday Night Football games that will air on both CBS and NFL Network.  Rich Eisen, along with producers Chris Law and Chris Brockman, take a full look at the entire 2014 schedule and talk about some of the new broadcast rules, including the NFL’s ability to flex schedule Sunday Night Football games as early as week 5 and what the newly announced “cross-flexing” means for viewers on Sundays.

Broncos EVP of football operations John Elway then joins Rich to break down Denver’s 2014 schedule.  The slate welcomes Andrew Luck and the Colts to Mile High for the Broncos’ season opener, plus a Super Bowl XLVIII rematch with Seattle in Week 3. Eisen then says “hello friend” to Jim Nantz, who takes over the play-by-play commentary on the new-look “Thursday Night Football” package on which NFL Network and CBS have partnered. Eisen and Nantz examine the entire TNF schedule, which includes an unprecedented 14 divisional… Read


Rich Eisen Podcast: Les Snead and Larry Fitzgerald

Les Snead and Larry Fitzgerald join The #REP (AP/NFL) Les Snead and Larry Fitzgerald join The #REP (AP/NFL)
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[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/richeisen/April22_Snead_Fitzgerald-4-22-14.mp3%5D

With the 2014 NFL Draft a little more than two weeks away, Rich Eisen decides to dial up the general manager of the St. Louis Rams, Les Snead, who currently holds two first-round picks. Snead shares his thoughts on some of this year’s top prospects and what goes on behind the scenes to execute that perfect draft day trade.

Next, Pro Bowl receiver Larry Fitzgerald calls in to catch up Rich on all of his offseason travels, his upcoming celebrity softball tournament in Scottsdale and what, if anything, he’s hearing about the Cardinals’ draft plan… Read


Rich Eisen Podcast: Marlon Wayans, Colin Hanks, Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks

Colin Hanks and Marlon Wayans join the latest #REP in-studio (NFL/AP) Colin Hanks and Marlon Wayans join the latest #REP in-studio (NFL/AP)

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We are now in the homestretch leading up to the start of NFL Draft on Thursday May 8 in beautiful New York City and Radio City Music Hall, which we’ve noted here on the show and producer Chris Law recently found out on his site survey, hasn’t changed since it became a landmark in 1978. And as we inch closer to the big day, us here at The Rich Eisen Podcast are doing our part to help you all weed through the unnamed sourced and faceless information that’s out there. This week, that starts with the help of NFL Media Draft experts Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks, who decipher the intel and discuss the top prospects with our humble host, Rich Eisen. Next, comedian and actor Marlon Wayans, whose new film “Haunted House 2” hits theaters nationwide this Friday, stops by to chat growing up in a comedic family, what it’s like being both a Steelers and Dolphins fan from New York City, and even takes a selfie with the guys. Finally, friend of the podcast Colin Hanks comes in studio to discuss his new FX drama “Fargo,” how life has been since his last appearance spawned the… Read


Rich Eisen Podcast: Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner joins the latest edition of the #REP Kevin Costner joins the latest edition of the #REP
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Actor Kevin Costner joins Rich Eisen in studio for this week’s edition of The Rich Eisen Podcast.Costner, who has starred in a handful of the greatest sports movies of all-time, is back at tackling the sports genre again in his latest film “Draft Day.” The two-time Academy Award winner traded in his wooden bat and ball cap for a suit and seat in the front office in “Draft Day,” where he plays Sonny Weaver Jr., the fictional general manager of the Cleveland Browns. Shot partially on location at New York’s Radio City Music Hall during the 2013 NFL Draft, the film takes place over a 16-hour period during the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft. Costner talks with Rich about why he chose to do another sports movie and what it was that drew him to the project, which was directed by last week’s #REP guest, Ivan Reitman. Costner also shares some incredible stories along the way from sets of his previous films like “Bull Durham,” “Field of Dreams,” “Dances with Wolves” and more. It’s a fascinating listen with one of Hollywood’s finest actors, and be sure to check out “Draft Day” in theatres this Friday, April 11.

The show rounds out with a little #REP housekeeping from Eisen and producers Chris Law and Chris Brockman. What triggered one of the guys to get into a Twitter feud over the weekend with a country music singer during the Final Four? Which of the listener-submitted entries for the show-open contest was the most impressive? And why Joe Pesci</strong is a complete bad ass in real life and quite possibly the coolest man on earth, as the guys found out first hand while… Read


Rich Eisen Podcast: Adam Carolla, Maurice Jones-Drew and Ivan Reitman

Adam Carolla Ivan Reitman and Maurice Jones-Drew join the latest #REP (Ben Liebenberg/NFL) Adam Carolla Ivan Reitman and Maurice Jones-Drew join the latest #REP (Ben Liebenberg/NFL)

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Our humble host, Rich Eisen, returns to the NFL Media podcast studio from the islands and umbrella drinks of vacation, taking back the headphone reins from producers Chris Brockman and Chris Law, and he couldn’t have returned at a better time. We have a mega show in store with a couple friends of the program and a Hollywood mogul. First up, newest Raiders running back and inventor of the Rich Eisen Podcast End Zone Dance, Maurice Jones-Drew, who tells us about his return to northern California, Oakland’s busy offseason, and its chances in the loaded AFC West. Next is a man who’s always looking out for the betterment of the NFL, specifically with his suggestion to lengthen the goal posts, which finally was suggested, voted on and passed this offseason, Adam Carolla. A special, very influential guest on that exact matter also calls in to offer his congratulations, so don’t miss that. And finally, famed Hollywood director Ivan Reitman, who was behind the camera for the newest and bound to be classic sports film which hits theaters April 11, “Draft Day,” comes in studio to talk the ins and outs of making an NFL film, the on-set difficulties of working with Rich and Mike Mayock, as well as some of his classic films such as “Stripes,” “Ghostbusters” and many… Read


REP: Did Adam Carolla influence NFL’s decision to extend uprights?

How far does Adam Carolla's influence extend?  Watch for yourself. How far does Adam Carolla’s influence extend? Watch for yourself.

This week, the NFL announced they plan to extend the uprights on field goal posts, a rule Adam Carolla has been championing for years on the “The Rich Eisen Podcast.” Read

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Rich Eisen Podcast: NFL Annual Meeting, site surveys, an aloha from Hawaii and more

An artist rendering of Eisen and Brockman running over Law for his NYC site survey on last week’s #REP An artist rendering of Eisen and Brockman running over Law for his NYC site survey on last week’s #REP [/caption]

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Rich Eisen is on vacation, which can only mean one thing, producers Chris Law and Chris Brockman are back at the helm and have taken over the reins on this week’s #REP. In keeping with Eisen vacation podcast tradition, Law and Brockman dial up their humble host to interrupt his fun in the Hawaiian sun and get his take on some of latest headlines from around the league.  Be sure to listen for details to on you can enter the #REP show open contest and submit your… Read


Rich Eisen Podcast: Seth Meyers and Michael Silver

(Associated Press/NBC, Peter Kramer) (Associated Press/NBC, Peter Kramer)

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As Week 2 of NFL free agency gets underway, Rich Eisen welcomes NFL Media’s Michael Silver for a recap of the week’s biggest signings. Silver discusses whether or not the addition of cornerbacks Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner are enough to get the New England Patriots back to the Super Bowl. Plus, Silver sheds light on the Denver Broncos’ approach to free agency, including the controversial acquisition of free agent wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders. Finally, Silver and Eisen review the New York Jets and Carolina Panthers, and discuss how each team has fared in free agency.

Next, Eisen welcomes back television host Seth Meyers, who dials in from New York for a chat about his transition from “Saturday Night Live” to his new late-night television show “Late Night with Seth Meyers”. Meyers shares stories about Peyton Manning’s SNL… Read


Rich Eisen Podcast: Aaron Paul, Brian Billick and Charles Davis

Aaron Paul, Brian Billick and Charles Davis join the latest #REP (AP/NFL) Aaron Paul, Brian Billick and Charles Davis join the latest #REP (AP/NFL)

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Free agency has been underway for the past 48 hours, and already we’ve seen big-name players ink deals with new teams and the dominos beginning to fall for others. Rich Eisen welcomes back to the #REP Super Bowl XXXV-winning coach and friend of the program Brian Billick to talk about how a team approaches the free-agent frenzy period and get some insight into the behind-the-scenes dealings.  Billick and Eisen also discuss which acquisitions could make the biggest impact in 2014 and where are the best landing spots for free agents who have yet to sign.

Next, Charles Davis dials in to discuss the latest news surrounding the 2014 NFL Draft class.  For the past few weeks, we’ve been hearing about the “Big 3” at the quarterback position in Johnny ManzielTeddy Bridgewater and Blake Bortles, but Davis thinks a fourth name is rising on draft boards and could shake things up on draft day.  Eisen and Davis also discuss how some free agency moves, such as the Jacksonville Jaguars trading quarterback Blaine Gabbert to the San Francisco 49ers, will impact the draft.

Actor Aaron Paul dials in for a chat with Rich about his new film “Need For Speed,” rooting for the Broncos at MetLife Stadium during Super Bowl XLVIII and the fantastic ride he’s been on for the past few years portraying Jesse Pinkman in the critically acclaimed series “Breaking Bad.”  The two-time Emmy Award-winning actor is… Read


Rich Eisen Podcast: Pat McAfee, Gregg Rosenthal and Jon Hein

Punter Pat McAfee joins The #REP (Chris Law/NFL) Punter Pat McAfee joins The #REP (Chris Law/NFL)

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Six-year veteran punter for the Indianapolis Colts and current NFL free agent Pat McAfee drops by The Rich Eisen Podcast for his first in-studio chat on the show.  The hilarious Pittsburgh native brings his A-game, arriving at NFL Network studios rocking an American flag inspired, denim button down (unbuttoned) with his #PuntersArePeopleToo T-shirt underneath. McAfee’s sense of fashion extends beyond the field and his wardrobe, as you’ll find out when he tells the hilarious story of the rental car he’s been driving around Los Angeles since arriving this past weekend.  It’s a fun chat that touches on a variety of pop culture and NFL topics.

Next, the #REP doors open up for fellow NFL Media podcaster Gregg Rosenthal of “Around The League.”   With the 2014 NFL free-agency period just a few days away, Rosenthal stops by to discuss where he thinks some of the more prominent names might land and what certain teams need to do in order to ensure their rosters in areas of need.  The guys also touch on the bizarre Jim Harbaugh situation in San Francisco and just what in the world will the New York Jets do this offseason at the quarterback position.

We wrap up our show with Jon Hein, co-host of “The Wrap-Up Show” on Howard 100 and of “The Howard Stern Show” fame.  The creator of JumpTheShark.com, Hein has been the #REP’s go-to television critic for the past few years, so who better to have on for a recap of all things Oscars and for his thoughts on some of TV’s most talked about current series.  Eisen and Hein, along with producers Chris Law and Chris Brockman, discuss some of the excellent…