Rich Eisen

Rich Eisen was the first on-air talent added to the NFL Network roster in June 2003. Eisen is lead host of the 24-hour, cable and satellite channel dedicated to football that debuted in November 2003.

Known for his wit and intelligence, Eisen hosts NFL Total Access, NFL GameDay Final, as well Thursday Night Football’s Thursday Night Kickoff Presented by Sears, Sprint Halftime Show and Kay Jewelers Postgame show.

In August 2009, Eisen served as emcee of the Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony in Canton, OH where the 2009 class included fellow NFL Network cohort Rod Woodson.

Eisen has also taken a turn in the game announcer chair calling play-by-play for the Under Armour Senior Bowl in 2007 and 2008.

Eisen was nominated for a Sports Emmy as Outstanding Studio Host in 2005 and 2006 for his work on this program.

One of television’s most visible anchors and personalities from the past decade, Eisen was a mainstay on ESPN’s SportsCenter from 1996 to 2003.  Outside the world of sports, Eisen has been a regular contributor on VH1’s popular TV series I Love The 70’s, I Love the 80’s and I Love the 90’s.

Prior to joining ESPN, Eisen worked at KRCR-TV in Redding, California, as a sports anchor (1994-96).  His television journalism career includes serving as the Medill News Service’s Washington correspondent (1994) and as a production assistant for the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather and Connie Chung in 1994.

In 2007, Eisen penned Total Access: A Journey to the Center of the NFL Universe about his experiences as host for NFL Network.  He worked in print journalism as a staff writer for the Staten Island Advance (1990-93) and at the Chicago Tribune covering Chicago public high school football and basketball (1993-94).

Eisen is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and earned a Master of Science degree in Broadcast Journalism from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism in 1994.

He and wife, fellow broadcaster Suzy Shuster, reside in Los Angeles with their son Xander and yellow rescue dog, Hudson.

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  1. Mr. Eisen you are my man crush, hero, and favorite host/person on NFL Network. Keep doing what you do and never change that awesome personality. I can only hope to be half as successful as you are one day.

  2. yo! nice podcast. I just listened to the first three. I enjoy your presence in the nfl broadcasting world quite a bit. always tempered, and lacking the ubiquitous twins/ beers/ viagra commentary, while still being sophomoric and schilling for someone. My question is to how far you can go with a podcast that is piped through the nfl. You make some comments about bad rules (chicago resident and fan here) here and there, but can you really explore the CBA? Podcasts lend themselves to unfettered discussion, and, at least in form, you have that going, but can you really argue why the 18 game season is idiotic, or why the Johnson catch in week one was an atrocity? Just curious. Like what I’ve heard so far, and i would love to see Larry David take over the offense in Minnesota.

  3. Patricia Johnson

    GameDay Final is not the same without you!!!! I loved the interaction between you Mooch, Deion and Michael-watching was the highlight of my Sunday evening. This past Sunday, I actually woke up at 5:00 a.m. (I live in Alaska) to watch GameDay Morning; you do realize that is cruel and inhuman punishment don’t you?? Loved the interaction with the morning crew as well–it’s just so all about you:-)

  4. Dear Rich Eisen:

    I started listening to your podcast earlier this season and I have quickly fallen in love with it. The way that you provide a balance of former and current players, analysts, journalism as well as celebrity input makes for a truly entertaining hour. I have begun to really look forward and to rely on the behind the scenes access the podcast provides. This season has provided some great moments. Soderburg’s breakdown of the various network coverage was spot on and hilarious, the Jeff Garland stories from the fantasy league were great, the references to your wife, who is great at what she does, also add a dimension to the podcast I appreciate.

    However, I have to say that I am sorely disappointed in your “Championship Podcast.” As a lifelong Bears fan and current Chicagoan I looked forward to hearing you and your guests break down the Bears vs. Packers game. What I found on your podcast though was barely a mention of the monsters of the midway. I wouldn’t have minded criticism of the team, if only they were mentioned at all. The only players even alluded to were Cutler and Lance Brigs (but, in the case of Briggs, only in context of the freakish nature of an old injury). I heard more about the Chiefs and the Ravens than I did about the Bears. I heard more about movies from almost a decade ago (40 Year Old Virgin and Anchor Man) than I did about the Bears Packers game.

    I heard plenty about how great Aaron Rodgers is, but I already know that. How will he match up against the Bears? What can he do against the Bears that he wasn’t able to do against other teams? How might the Bears prepare differently for Rodgers than other teams? I know there is a lot for you to get to and you and your fellow journalists even alluded to the burn out you experience during all the over coverage, but there was almost no discussion of this weekend’s games at all. Charles Barkley had a more thoughtful take on the NFL playoffs a week ago than anyone on your show this week. Also, there was almost no mention of the AFC championship game because so much time was dedicated to Rodgers and Michigan Football. Maybe you should do a college football podcast if you want to feature coaches from your al ma matter.

    I know there are plenty of places for me to get the coverage I am looking for, but I wanted it from you. Now, I have to download someone else’s podcast to get the kind of coverage I want. Is that really what you want when I had grown so comfortable and begun relying on your podcast for the lion’s share of my NFL news and analysis?


    Matthew Meade

  5. Mr. Eisen,

    Hello, my name is Jack and I am a HUGE fan of yours. I am also the President of Thread Tradition (www.threadtradition.com) an online custom dress shirt retailer. I just wanted to offer you some free custom made dress shirts. No scam here, I just wanted to extend an offer. You can or your staff can email me at jack@threadtradition.com.


    Jack Reyer

  6. Dude, please have Michael Irvin & Deion on your show or have them start a podcast also!!!

  7. Mr. R Eisen, Esq.

    Speaking as an Englishman, I’m not at all surprised that your podcast gets downloaded so much over here. It’s cracking!!… which is no easy feet, as we both probably know, humour & content don’t easily translate either way across the pond, (even if we both do speak English), but you seem to do it with consummate ease! Your ‘millionth’ podcast was one of your best.

    Love Total Access, LOVE the Podcast.
    Given nearly 10% of your listeners are from Blighty, perhaps you should get your monkey-arse over here, perhaps when the next International Series game is played!?

    Keep up the good work old man.

    Bristol, UK
    (and no, I do not know someone called John Smith, nor did I go to the Royal Wedding, but YES the English CAN like both ‘Football’ (soccer) and er, Football (U. S. of A style).

  8. Rich – just found the PodCast – excellent cross-over having the Curb cast on!!
    Always enjoyed your NFL Network stuff; this social media thing also suits your talents.

  9. Hey Rich. Looove the podcasts. You get all the big names. Keep it up mate.

  10. Rich,

    My son and I just met you in the hotel lobby in Denver. Thanks for taking the time to talk for a minute. We are lifelong Saints fans and watch the NFL network religiously.

    Enjoy the game tomorrow.

  11. Rich, a friend told me that I had a portage to the small island of hair on the front of my head so I shaved my head to see how it looked. Got positive feedback, ” look younger”, so give it a try. Rather liberating too

  12. In its relatively brief history of just over eighty years, American broadcast television has had a handful of moments so undeniably memorable that they have been weaved into the fabric of American folklore; some moments that come to mind are Lucille Ball stuffing her shirt with chocolates, Al Michaels asking if we believed in miracles, and now a segment on NFL Network that will from this day forth be known simply as, “Cowboy Ridin’ Bronco.”

    Thank you for your contribution to television history. I have goosebumps thinking of how I got to see the moment live after the games on Sunday.

  13. I love Rich Eisen and he is a great interviewer and an interesting point of view.
    Also tune in for the Jim Brockmire comments on the top ten plays of the month. It just gets better and better and listening to his podcasts sure do help the drive in to work.

  14. Hugh Seagraves

    Hey guys. Love the podcast. Love getting the behind-the-scenes/front office/coaching stuff. Keep up the great work.

  15. Mr. Eisen,

    I assume that this is a poor venue for recognition, but so be it. Coupled with the agreement between the league and the NFLRA that happened after I wrote this, the odds go down. That being said, here’s my bid for 15 minutes: The Ode to NFL Replacement officials.

    I’m here today to take a pause,
    Made of widening eyes and dropping jaws.
    You’ve done your best, you’ve aimed to please,
    But you’re a far cry from Mr. Hochules.
    They said it won’t matter, never fear,
    Try telling that to Matt Schaub’s ear.
    I’m glad you botched that Romo fumble,
    Let the Pats and Ravens rumble,
    ’cause there’s nothing like a Sunday night,
    Turned into an all-out Irish pub fight.
    You’ve made players frustrated, angry, bitter,
    Come on man… just check out twitter.
    When you spot the ball wrong, stop and think,
    What would happen if that was at the Linc.
    It’s the end of the game, your calls a train wreck,
    So you’d better start running from Bill Belichick.
    From the field goal that wasn’t, interference contrary,
    To the stunning review of that epic fail-mary,
    You’ve done a great job, we all know it’s true:
    So NFL replacement refs, we salute you.

    It was worth a shot before this all fizzles.


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