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Rich Eisen Podcast: Warren Moon and Bryan Anger

Rich Eisen Podcast: Warren Moon and Bryan Anger

Here on the podcast, we like to bring together and matchup guests from all walks of life, be it in the entertainment world or the NFL. On this episode we have two players on either end of the football spectrum: Canadian and Pro Football Hall of Famer Warren Moon and rookie Jaguars punter Bryan Anger. The former, you should recognize. Moon played 23 seasons of professional football with four different NFL teams (most notably the Houston Oilers) and amassed nearly 50,000 NFL passing yards and reached nine Pro Bowls. Prior to, he played six years up north with Edmonton in the CFL. He stops by to talk about his illustrious Hall of Fame class in 2006, Cam Newton 2012 potential, the Seahawks, a new type of helmet he’s a partner in and much more. Anger, if you remember, was the highest drafted punter since 1995 and caused Rich to have a conniption at this year’s Draft. The Cal graduate couldn’t believe the response to his selection and explains how he became a foot-to-ball specialist, what it’s like getting ready for his rookie training camp and more.

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Rich Eisen Podcast: Matt Hasselbeck

(Rich and the Hasselbeck brothers.)

A week of all football guests kicks off with someone long overdue for an in-studio visit as Titans quarterback and devilishly handsome New England native Matthew Hasselbeck took time out of his L.A. workout schedule to stop by the program for a chat. With a fresh hair cut (our efforts for an all-bald cast nearly complete) and donning a Celtics shmedium T-shirt, Hasselbeck shared his thoughts on everything from his decision to re-sign with the Titans last summer to how close he came to becoming a UCLA Bruin back in the day. You’ll never guess what Boston College head coach Tom Coughlin said to him at the time that made him change his mind. Later in the conversation, the youngest Hasselbeck brother, Nathaniel, joins in to share some stories from Matt’s days with the Packers and growing up in an NFL household. There’s one involving a snowy playoff week in Green Bay you won’t want to miss.

As always, stay tuned for the television program featuring Hasselbeck, Hall of Famer Warren Moon and rookie Jaguars punter Bryan Anger on Thursday at 1:30pm ET only on NFL Network.

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Rich Eisen Podcast: LaDainian Tomlinson and Gabe Feldman

L.T. joins “The Rich Eisen Podcast”

One of the NFL’s all-time great running backs and the only sports law professor who can make sport argument and legalese a listenable venture join me on this podcast.

Mere weeks after paying an in-studio visit during his decision-making process, LaDainian Tomlinson returns to the podcast fresh off his decision to retire from his legendary stint in the NFL. Among the topics: Why did he choose to hang them up? What about his statement that that he’d prefer a ringless Hall of Fame career over a Super Bowl winning, Hall of Fame-less career, and the criticism he received for it?  What’s the next step for the man who stepped into an NFL end zone an incredible 162 times? How does he think the Sanchez/Tebow quarterback battle will unfold in his old Jets stomping grounds this year?  All revealed.

Please listen for that and also a full, in-depth analysis of what’s going on in – yet another – legal battle between the NFL and the NFL Players Association. Tulane University School of Sports Law professor Gabe Feldman sifts you through the legal briefs, arguments and postures that currently form the thorny, controversial and endless Saints “bounty” issue. If you’re curious about how this came about, what it’s all about and how it may all play out, then this is for you. I figured it was time to address this issue, no matter how fatigued all of you – myself included – may still be from last year’s CBA awfulness.

It’s a busy podcast week, folks. Stay tuned for a chat with Redskins savior-in-chief Robert Griffin III and Jaguars punter Bryan Anger (punters are people too!)

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