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Rich Eisen Podcast: NFL Media Mock Draft

Eight NFL Media experts conducted a mock draft, with each selecting four players. (Ben Liebenberg / NFL)

It’s the 6th annual NFL Media Mock Draft from league headquarters in New York City! Find out where the draft’s top prospects land as eight analysts select for four teams each. Who does Brian Billick take with the No. 1 overall pick as he selects for the Houston Texans? Marshall Faulk gets a pair of selections for the St. Louis Rams, and he shakes up the draft with the No. 2 selection for his old team. Rich Eisen has high hopes, selecting for the Jacksonville Jaguars at No. 3 overall. Will Johnny Manziel be there for the taking? Read


Rich Eisen Podcast: Roger Goodell and Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan and Roger Goodell join the latest #REP

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Just three days from the 2014 NFL Draft, Rich Eisen is joined by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and actor/comedian Tracy Morgan on this special edition podcast. Find out where the draft could be headed as Goodell hints at potentially moving the 3-day event from New York City to Los Angeles or Chicago in the coming years. Plus, Eisen and Goodell discuss playoff expansion, HGH testing and the future of Thursday Night Football.

Next, Morgan stops by with jokes galore, explaining what it was like growing up as a New York Giants fan and which players he rooted for as a child. Morgan shares his thoughts on working on the NBC sitcom “30 Rock”, preparing for his comedy tour “Turn it Funny” and his daily life as a new father. Don’t forget to catch “The Rich Eisen Draft Special” on Tuesday at 10:30pm ET on NFL Network. Read


Rich Eisen Podcast: Seth Meyers and Michael Silver

(Associated Press/NBC, Peter Kramer) (Associated Press/NBC, Peter Kramer)

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As Week 2 of NFL free agency gets underway, Rich Eisen welcomes NFL Media’s Michael Silver for a recap of the week’s biggest signings. Silver discusses whether or not the addition of cornerbacks Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner are enough to get the New England Patriots back to the Super Bowl. Plus, Silver sheds light on the Denver Broncos’ approach to free agency, including the controversial acquisition of free agent wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders. Finally, Silver and Eisen review the New York Jets and Carolina Panthers, and discuss how each team has fared in free agency.

Next, Eisen welcomes back television host Seth Meyers, who dials in from New York for a chat about his transition from “Saturday Night Live” to his new late-night television show “Late Night with Seth Meyers”. Meyers shares stories about Peyton Manning’s SNL… Read

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